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Jun 28, 2006 11:34 PM

Good Charleston dinner for a Mom who doesn't like seafood, but we do?

We are going to be in Isle of Palms in a week or so and want to take our mom out to a nice Charleston, SC dinner. However, she is not a fan of seafood and we definitely want to partake while we are there. What is a good place to satisfy both mom and us???

Any and all Charleston reccs are desired to boot!

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  1. I think you will find that most of the better Charleston restaurants have a varied menu. Low Country is the dominant theme and that always includes seafood.
    Some of my favorites not in any order:
    82 Queen
    Peninsula Grill
    Garabaldi Cafe
    Hominy Grill
    Take a look at this link for a partial list.

    1. One of the great things about dining in Charleston is that there are not that many "seafood restaurants" but the vast majority have really great seafood offerings. As long as you stay away from Fish, Hanks, or the Boat House everyone should be able to find stuff they like. The list above is a pretty good one. I will add the Boulevard Diner or Coleman Blvd. in Mt. Pleasant. Super casual but fantastic food.

      1. THANKS! Is Mt. Pleasant close to Isle of Palms? That is where the house is...

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          You're in luck. Mt. Pleasant is the town/suburb you would drive through to get to the historic district from your house on IoP.

          Anson did not do that much for me when I went last year. It was nice enough, but nothing special and a few mis-steps. Never been to Penninsula except had some of their WAY overrated coconut cake in the crazy-crowded bar.

          It is true that Charleston has a surprising lack of truely seafood focused fine-dining restaurants considering where it is. I find this dissappointing.

          Garibaldi's might be a good choice. It's ostensibly an Italian place, but has some really good seafood "specials" The quotes are there because they've had basically the same specials since the 80's. Crispy Flounder I do not tire of.

          Which reminds me....I have the opposite concern. I want to take my in-laws to Al Di La when we are in town this summer, but they are from the Midwest and will feel cheated if they don't get seafood every meal. I've only been there once and can't really remember how seafood-centric the menu might have been. Can anyone comment?

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            I can't really remember either, but they always have their wonderful gnocchi w/shrimp. The phone number is 843-571-2321

        2. OK, one more question...

          If you had to pick between Anson and Peninsula Grill...what one would win out? Both of them have incredible looking menus.

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          1. Years ago I ate at a great, old seafood shack/dive called Bowen's Island. It's on the way to Folley Beach, down a dirt road, as I recall. The building is an old, ramshackle concrete box. the fishing boat docks right in front. There's a big cooler to reach in a grab a cold one while you wait for your very fresh seafood.
            Inside there is a dining room covered with 70 years worth of grafitti and a juke box with real golden oldies. Don't even know if the place is still there, but it is worth seeking out.