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Jun 28, 2006 11:24 PM

Good Vietnamese near the Lower Haight??

I realize that I am blessed to live so close to Haight b/w Fillmore and Steiner, but I guess I'm greedy. There are days when Indian, BBQ, Sausages, Thai and Med just don't do it for me.

Sometimes I crave Phở.

Do I always have to head to Clement Street or the Tenderloin?

Is there anything closer?

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  1. Well, I've never been, but there is a Vietnamese place on 14th at Church - I would consider that close enough to Lower Haight to count.

    It's been open less than a year...I think it's called Will's...

    1. It's been open since January, I believe. It is Will's Vietnamese, in the space of another restaurant which was half-Vietnamese, half Chinese. I had some pho there: decent, but nothing earth shattering. Ban mi was good too, but rather on the pricy side compared to the bare-bone operations on larkin. The space was reviewed by Reidinger last week in the SFBay Guardian. Now if only I knew how to insert a link to that in this fancy new redesign...

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        No "inserting" needed to add a link. Just type it in the body of your message with http://etc. as normal text and voila!

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          This is so simple and intuitive, how did I not think about it! Thanks!

      2. You'll probably have to leave your hood for good Pho. Here are some places that are worth it.

        Vietnam II on Larkin and Ellis is a great Vietnamese restaurant with excellent Pho. I don't order anything else there. They have all varieties of Pho but my fav is Pho tai with beef on the side. If you go there for dinner ask for the lunch menu. The dinner menu, for some odd reason, does not have any pho listed in there.

        Other choices are Pho Hoa on Geary in the Richmond, Sunflower on 16th is another and the closest to you. I have not been to Will's yet.

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          Vietnam II will give you weird looks if you order the pho for dinner. But they are friendly weird looks, and they are happy to get you pho. My friend and I used to go 3-4 times a week and talked them into pho with beef, tofu, and veggies. Maybe an odd combo but tastes wonderful before starting a long day of work.

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            I don't believe pho is considered dinner food (I could be wrong). My Viet mother generally ate it as breakfast or lunch.

        2. I live near the Lower Haight too and there aren't too many options right in the neighborhood. We usually head out to the inner sunset and go to Yummy Yummy on Irving (between 11th and 12th).

          1. Try Dragonfly ar 9th and Judah. It's outstanding! You can catch the N/Judah two blocks from your house and get off right outside the restaurant.