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Jun 28, 2006 10:41 PM

Open Restaurants, M-Tu of 4th July / PDX ?

Longtime chowhounders visiting from SFBA on Monday 7/3 and Tuesday 7/4. I'd hoped to take them to Pambiche/Karam/Bewon/Ya Hala or the likes (we are at Wildwood Sunday 7/2). Have discovered most mouth-watering spots closed on 4th weekend ... I'm new to Portland and a bit stressed, want very much to treat friends who have wined and dined me in SF to the best ethnic Portland has to offer. Any suggestions for those holiday nights?

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  1. Yeah, that's tough. There are so many restaurants closed here on Sundays, Mondays, and even Tuesdays as it is and that's a bad weekend for restaurants.

    You might want to look at larger places, especially those connected with hotels. Every one of those places you list is small and independently owned. Look at places like Heathman and Pazzo. You also might check out some of the Pearl District restaurants which have a lot of young couples and people without kids in the nabe. Look at Fenouil, Pho Van, Andina, DF, Bluehour, etc.

    Good luck.

    1. I'm probably gonna take crap for this, but the original Rheinlander/Gustav's in NE is likely to be open (they are on many holidays, like Easter and Thanksgiving) and I think the food on the Gustav's side (which is more pub fare) is usually quite good. (I haven't eaten on the Rheinlander side in years since it tends to induce three-day food coma.)

      "Best ethnic Portland has to offer"? Hardly. Decent "plan B"? Sure!

      You might also give Callaloo a call -- perhaps since they just opened they might be more reluctant to close for the holiday. I really liked the food there (somewhat refined Caribbean-style).

      1. Well, I found out Saturday that LOW BBQ (Ken's Place) will be open, so that's where I'll be.