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Jun 28, 2006 10:20 PM

I have New Orleans Boudin Sausage- what to make?

I live in the Los Angeles area and a friend of mine just brought me back 3 boudin blanc sausages from New Orleans. I'd love some great interesting ideas on dishes, preparations, accompaniments, etc. Thanx hounds!!!

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  1. Nawlins-style boudin with rice? That's a snack, not an ingredient. Just heat and eat out of hand.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Really? They're rather large, 1/2 lb. a piece. Can't really tell if they're precooked. They're still frozen.

      1. re: wendy8869

        An 8-ounce boudin might have only 3-5 oz. of pork. It's like a spicy pork and rice casserole stuffed into a sausage casing.

      1. I spent a weekend two years ago in the Lafayette, LA and Baton Rouge area trying boudin at the various sausage stands.

        Boudin is generally served boiled or steamed. When you order it at a stand or a convenience store, they hand you a link in a napkin. The casing generally natural and very difficult to break with your teeth.

        Unlike a bratwurst or a natural casing sausage, you heat up the link and squeeze out the rice and pork sausage mix directly into your mouth.

        Personally, my favorite was the Boudin King in Opelousas, LA.

        1. I too have enough yummy sausage in the freezer...
          I hesitate to suggest this because it seems so boring,
          but lately, perhaps with the summer heat, I've been enjoying a bit of sauteed sausage on top of greens, tomato, herbs, balsamic, whatever else. It's a nice way to just enjoy the sausage taste.

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          1. re: Ida Red

            Cajun boudin comes in a sausage casing but it's not sausage. It's more like a serving of pork and rice casserole.

          2. Boudin is always cooked. You are supposed to eat it out of hand steamed or boiled.