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Jun 28, 2006 09:41 PM

Having trouble with the search feature -- any suggestions?

When I put a value in the search field, a list of matching posts appear. I click to read one, and it displays... my question is: How do I get back to the original list of matching posts?

I don't see a button to go back on the site -- and when I click the back button on my browser it takes me to the following:
(Warning: Page has Expired


Does this have anything to do with my computer settings - or is this a bug in the site? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    1. re: rworange

      I just tried it, seems to be working and taking me back to the search results with no warning pop up.

    2. Search still is not working for me. I meant to reply to Melanie.

      Not only that since I came home I'm having lots of ... challenges.

      I'm not officially reporting it yet to see if anyone else reports first or it is me but

      1. I can't logout
      2. The html is being displayed rather than the links on everyone's profile.
      3. When I look at 'My Chow', my profile drops to the bottom of my screen ... not fun since I'm using bookmark heavily. It seems there the profile boxes expanded by one inch with shading to the side.

      Those are the biggies, but there are all sorts of screen format weirdness.

      I have NOT changed a thing on my computer. I left for an appointment, didn't sign off, shut down my computer, restarted and used my bookmark url.

      This is my business computer so I don't play with the setting because if I screw something up I don't get paid. So I can tell people that I have not changed a thing so it is not the settings. On multiple browsers I see the same thing. The hardware was fine a few hours ago.

      This is an unofficial report because I don't want to do one of those ooops, never mide posts and if things clear up I can edit this post. But things are not going too well since I came back home and came back to the site.