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Jun 28, 2006 09:20 PM

Where to buy paneer near HB?

I used to buy the paneer at Trader Joe's to throw in with premade Indian simmer sauces...but they aren't carrying it anymore. Now my sauces just don't taste as good. Does anyone know where to buy paneer in the Huntington Beach area? Thanks!

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  1. Any indian store will have it. Nanak brand is good. I also have directions on my blog how to make it.

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      That's the problem...I don't know any indian stores around here...but would love to find one! Thanks!

    2. I posted to your reply on the Home Cooking board =)

      1. Please note that this entire thread has been moved from the Home Cooking board. It's a local question more appropriate for our Los Angeles forum. Thanks.

        1. I live in Huntington Bch, grew up in Cerritos so I still go to Pioneer Blvd in Artesia. Take 405N to 605N exit South turn right turn left on Pioneer and cruise until there's a market that calls out to you.

          In HB/OC you might find paneer at some Persian/Middle Eastern markets or I've always wondered if Greek Kasseri cheese would be a good substitute. In fact, Persian markets might have a good substitute, and there are more of them around OC.

          1. i had this crazy idea and hacked a standard cheesecake recipe to make some "fake" paneer-- it ended up having a firm, yet crumbly texture with a bit of rubbery chew to it- just get yogurt (will have a slightly sour taste), philly cream cheese (denser and creamier), cottage cheese or ricotta cheese (both crumbly), or any mixture of all of these, blend with eggs (1 cup cheese:1 egg) and salt (to taste). Bake in a cake pan in a 350-375 F oven until set in the middle (about 30 min.). When cool, slice into cubes and stir into your own already-made masala or simmer sauce.