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Jun 28, 2006 08:46 PM

Where would you Splurge ?

I am coming to NYC and want to have at least one dinner splurge while there. I am considering Daniel or Babo. I am open to all suggestions for an upscale dinner - and that does not mean that I just want to throw money around - I want quality and am willing to pay for it. What would you consider the most worthy splurge in NYC? What place knocks your socks off? Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. le bernadin, tasting menu. pretty pricey splurge. daniel would set you back about the same amount. babbo is a bit more economical.

    1. Thanks jungirl. Yes, Le Bernadin sounds like an excellent choice.

      Someone at work said to try Cafe De Artist. Anyone ever heard of it and recommend it?

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      1. re: sunsuze

        I've only been to Cafe des Artistes once for brunch/lunch, and that was a couple of years ago, but I found the food to be pretty mediocre. I haven't heard anything since that's made me want to rush back.

        1. re: Lucia

          I would recommend Jean-George or Daniel, then Babbo. Le Bernardin was too gilded for my taste, but I found Daniel's atmosphere very comfortable. Cafe Des Artistes is no where near the other places. I've never felt a desire to go back and wished that I hadn't. It's dark, old, and the food is too conventional.

      2. Babbo for dinner is a great selection and very reasonably priced ($70 for the traditional tasting menu). Le Bernardin is a fantastic restaurant best visited for lunch ($55?).

          1. Des Artistes is fun old new york type of place but I would go to Le Bernadin or Babbo way earlier.