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Jun 28, 2006 08:23 PM

lunch places near 57th and 7th that won't put you in the poor house?

just started working right next to Carnegie Hall. what is up with all the $10 lunch options? no yummy $6 chinese lunch special places? or falafel? i don't mind walking to 8th. any suggestions highly appreciated.

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  1. Hi Jungirl...i posted a very similar question about 3 weeks ago because i thought i was going to be in that area for a few lunches (as it turned out, my schedule changed)...someone suggested a casserole at "China Regency' nearby, and there were a few other suggestions that i forgot...if you do a search, you might be able to find the thread...good luck...Simon

      1. There are some good options in the neighborhood that are less expensive. You can always get one of the city's great burgers at the burger joint and Le Parker Meridien. Of all of the deli/grill/salad bar places, I think the best is D & S on 56th btw 5th and 6th. I enjoy the shish kabab and chicken at the food cart on 56th and 7th. And for pizza, my favorite is Mariella's on 8th ave btw 57th and 58th. I am still looking for a good falafel place, so if you find one, let me know.

        1. Whole Foods & Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center are good bets (although Bouchon, even to take out will probably run you close to $10... but at least you don't have to leave a tip and can eat in Central Park!).

          Midtown Lunch Blog:

          1. I work right there too, and it's slim pickings. Crystal Cafe (right next to Associated) has a good variety, and some of it is pretty good. There's supposed to be a good pizza place on 58th between 6th/7th, or maybe 5th and 6th, though I haven't been yet.

            How about good happy hour spots? Any ideas?