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Jun 28, 2006 08:19 PM

Spelt Flour Bread

Has anyone ever attempted to make bread completely out of Spelt Flour? If so, I would love a recipe or some advise!


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  1. I think it would weigh about a hundred pounds. I can only think of the truly vile spelt challah my sister in law makes.

    1. I eat spelt bread almost everyday but buy it. But I do bake with spelt flour all the time. Carrot cake, pie crusts, cookies, etc. just not bread..yet. Spelt has less gluten than wheat so when you bake with it, it doesn't rise as much and you need to usually add more spelt flour so that the volume created during baking can be suspended in the flour. I've attached a link to a recipe and she gives some good advice about not overkneading. Good luck!

      1. yes I regularly make spelt bread as I don't tolerate wheat well. I use my breadmaker on the wholewheat/wholemeal setting
        2 cups of lukewarm water (cup is probably about 250ml size...they are the childrens plastic coloured ones that are 6 for a pound in IKEA)
        4 cups of spelt flour (you will get different results with different brands I like Doves Farm also The Water Mill in Cumbria )
        3g of vitamin C crushed with pestle and mortar (this acts as a flour improver and will help the bread to rise)
        2 tsp of fermipan yeast ...this is a fine dried yeast
        I also often add one tsp of maca powder because I like it and for the extra nutrition
        water must go in first then flour and the other ingredients
        don't leave the bread in the pan after it has finished cooking or it goes all soggy ..good luck Fiona xx

        1. Help! What am I doing wrong? I'm trying to find a good spelt flour bread recipe, and all I keep getting is "Add Your Own", and no recipes! I'm starving here! :o)

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            Use light spelt for bread, as it will be fluffier, also, add malt powder/flour as it helps it to rise immensely, and put it on the white bread cycle as , even though spelt is a grain, it doesn't like to be over beaten or over kneaded.

            Light spelt has the bran removed. Whole spelt has the bran left on and ground up.

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