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Jun 28, 2006 07:02 PM

Best Farmers Markets in the DC-Bethesda-Potomac-Rockville-Gaithesburg Area


New to the area and want to understand what are the best farmers markets in the area. Mostly I am interested in a well rounded one (cheese, produce, honey, etc.)

I know of one in Dupont circle and a couple in Rockville proper.

Thanks !


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  1. I think Eastern Market on the weekends in DC is a good ebt. That's when more of the out-of-town produce vendors come in. For variety, this is probably your best bet. Get there early on a Saturday in time for a big breakfast at the counter - the pancakes are the BEST!

    1. I've been to several in the area and find the Dupont market to be about the best.

      Eastern market is also pretty good on a weekends but I feel like the produce at Dupont is a bit nicer.

      1. There was an article in the Gazette newspaper 2 weeks ago about the tough year and lean attendance at the old town Gaithersburg Market (Thursday afternoons - 6p)

        I found the Montgomery County Agriculture Services' seemingly comprehensive list of Farmer's Markets. Some markets have links to web sites that may indicate how well-rounded they are -- I'm planning on looking into a few this season. Can't seem to get down to Dupont Market early enough for the good stuff.