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Jun 28, 2006 06:52 PM

the lobster - some thoughts?

i am taking my fiance to the lobster tonight for his birthday. now i know, i could go for the special at the palm or the water grill or even arnie morton's but after living here forever we just wanted to try this place once. after reading the review in the times today i'm wondering if due to her dissing of their lobster cooking will they be on top of their game tonight? also, which is better, steamed or grilled?


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  1. Sorry missed the post below because I didn't scroll down far enough. Have to get used to this new format.

    Lobster at the "Lobster"

    1. You might want to just scroll down, or link to this thread on the board today:

      1. I've been to The Lobster twice but, not for about a year. Both experiences were quite lovely. The staff was accommodating, food great and can't beat the view. Didn't have Lobster there, mom did as a cocktail (instead of shrimp) she loved it. Maybe try a place in the Marina instead. One place I think is very special is Cafe Del Rey. Check out their site - Lobster is done 4 ways! Their Grey Goose Martini's are really nice too! :)