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Dinner for 10 women in their mid-20s, Lower Manhattan, not too expensive?


This is my first time posting. I'm hoping you can help. I am meeting up with a bunch of friends next weekend. We're coming from all over the east coast and having a fun night out.

I'm trying to figure out where to have dinner. It should be a place that can accomodate the party and preferably take reservations. Also, not too expensive... Entrees around $20 would be within reason.

We were considering Spice Market, but can't get a proper table.

Please offer suggestions! Food preferences rule out sushi and Chinese food.

Thank you!!!

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    1. i'm a big fan of 'inoteca. it was a lot of fun with a lot of people, and they take reservations for parties over 6.

      1. Can you go to the backgroom if you don't eat there? seems nice.

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          The Backroom is a bar, not a restaurant. So, yes.

        2. Wow! Thanks for these suggestions! I've proposed these to the gals. Apparently we have a seafood allergy among us, so sadly Tides is probably out. This time.

          The three options I've sent to the girls are 'inoteca (thank you for the suggestion, it looks amazing), Son Cubano and Spice Market.

          I have a feeling I'm going to be out-voted, but I'll keep you all posted. Any additional suggestions are very much welcomed.

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            stay away from son cubano....stay very far away.

          2. I can vouch for 'inoteca. I went for my birthday a year ago and we had a fabulous time. There were 10 of us and we got a bunch of small plates and shared. Another thought that comes to mind is Stanton Social.

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              Stanton Social would definitely cost an arm and leg, the food is soso but the cost is pretty high. My husband and I did a dinner with 2 other couples and just drinks with food came out to about 60.00 per person and we left hungry.

            2. Nolita House on Houston could be a nice fit.

              1. Harrison - why?

                The women have voted. We're eating at EN.

                I'll search the site about that, unless anyone wants to weigh in.

                1. en might be nice because the restaurant is really spacious. their food isn't spectacular, but get their warm home made tofu. that was good.