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Jun 28, 2006 06:38 PM

various beer glasses

hi all-
where can I find a selection of specialized beer glassware (Orval, duvel, various german glass shapes)? thanks in advance.

ps I've seen a nice selection at New City Beer Distributors on Chrystie but was wondering if there's any other worthy destinations...

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  1. I don't know where you are, but here in San Francisco, Cost Plus World Market has a selection; not huge, but budget priced. I have my own one-of-a-kind collection mostly of POS freebies I got through a buddy years ago. If you are a collector, let me know, as I'm planning on getting rid of most of mine (my email is in my profile). The only one I won't part with is a Mort Subite glass personally pinched by my daughter for me at the A La Mort Subite Brasserie when she was an exchange student in Brussels.

    1. The internet is a wonderful resource for these kinds of things.

      You could also find out who distributes the brands you are looking for in your area. They get tons of glassware from the breweries they deal with and sometimes are even nice enough to give you a glass or two. Importers may have some too.

      You could also check out some local beer bars and ask if they will sell you some of theirs.

      1. Forgot to mention. If you want specific retail places, you may want to post the question on this board.

        Plenty of people on there will have knowledge of the area (I'm guessing NY) and where to find what you are looking for.

          1. Go to or and ask some of those guys. They're experts. Also, Celebrator beer magazine might have a connection to good glassware.

            If you want unprinted glassware in various shapes for ales, belgian beers, german beers, as well as English pints (different from american pints) you could look up glassware specialists, such as the diamond line. I've always had good luck at Straub's online-I buy glasses for my homebrewing, nationally certified beer judge fiancee there.


            I imagine you want glassware printed with brewery or beer manufacturer names? I mean, beers from belgium alone have about a gazillion different styles of glasses, a specific one for each beer, and God help you if a beer fanatic or brewing monk catches you drinking a beer out of the wrong glass.

            Straub's is your best bet.