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Jun 28, 2006 06:37 PM

Best, most authentic Spanish paella in NYC??

Can anyone recommend a really good place for authentic Spanish paella? I've tried a couple of restaurants in the city and frankly, I've been a bit disappointed. One place even used what appeared to be converted rice. I've read some good reviews on La Paella Restaurant on E. 9th St, but I haven't had a chance to give them a try yet.

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  1. Have you tried La Nacional?

    239 W. 14th St.
    New York , NY 10011-7149
    Phone: (212) 243-9308

    1. La Paella was pretty darn good for their paella. Great selection. Good tapas too. Excellent sangria. Romantic, intimate, non-pretentious atmosphere. Very nice

      It's a whole lot better than La Nacional, unfortunately. La Nacional has the benefit of having actual spaniards hang out there to watch futbol and be spanish together but their paella just fell apart. It was too greasy, the rice was clumpy, terrible. The sangria was worse. But I would go back to watch the live flamenco in the spanish theatre upstairs.

      1. I was underwhelmed by the paella during a recent visit to La Nacional (though I loved the tapas).

        El Faro has always been a good bet.

        1. I've never been to Spain, so I don't know if I can determine "Authentic" Paella, but the Paella I've had an El Quijote in Chelsea was damn good. Plus it's so old school in's really a place all New Yorker's should go to. A delicious time warp.


          1. I liked the Basque-style paella at Pintxos in lower Soho. Flavored and colored with squid ink and without saffron, it was a little different than I was used to but undeniably delicious.

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              La Paella has great ambience and decent paella, but I really enjoyed the paella at Sevilla in the W. Village.


              Just make sure you have chorizo in your paella. We got one without chorizo and it wasn't as good. The sangria there is potent, too.

              Pinxtos has great tapas and if you've never tried squid ink paella, they have one there. A bit salty, but good. The wine list was nice, but the restaurant is tiny.

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                Just went to Sevilla last night - the chicken/ seafood/ chorizo paella was decent (high standards, since the first time I tried it was in Spain) and the sangria was good as well. My friend got the arroz con pollo - very simple, but well-cooked and very tasty. The portions are substantial though, so make sure you're hungry!