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Jun 28, 2006 06:36 PM

Philadelphia style sharp provolone?

The Cheeseboard's sharp domestic is the closest I've found, but nothing else approaches my memories of Rocco's hoagies with sharp provolone. Is there any here?

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  1. Old-school Italian delis often have extra-sharp provolone. Try Zarri's on Solano, Moliari's in North Beach, or Lucca on Valencia in SF.

    1. I think sharp provolone is imported, not domestic. When we were little we called it "bite your tongue cheese" and I could never find it in later years. Then I happened on an Italian deli in San Diego and they told me that what I remembered was imported. There are usually two grades...I've been perfectly happy with the least expensive imported. I usually buy it at Italian delis, although I think I also found it once at Cheese Plus on Polk at Pacific.

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        I first tried the imported sharp provolone at the Cheeseboard, but decided that the domestic "sharp" was more to my liking. The garage saler who sent me to Geno's, also mentioned a great cheese store in Philly. I should have brought home a wheel. And yes, "bite your tongue" is a great description of the mouth feel.

      2. Extra-sharp is also called Provolone piccante (double "c").