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Jun 28, 2006 06:28 PM

Interesting Topping for Fruit Discovered

I was clapping myself on the back for inventing this dessert topping and then thought...."What if this has been around for ages and you'll be making a chump of yourself by claiming to have invented it..." Ah, what the hey:

I and my daughter out law made some super fruit salad last Sat. night. As a topping, I mixed together some 2% Fage yoghurt and some lowfat Philly cream cheese, added a tiny bit of sugar and a drop of vanilla. Whipped it together and plopped it on top of the salad. Wonderful! Delightful. Easy.

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  1. That sounds good...sort of like ambrosia just using yogurt.

    1. One of my favorite toppings for fruit salad is wheat germ or grape nuts and a little good maple syrup. The former in particular lends a great textural contrast.

      1. My great-grandmother made a fruit topping that is still in the popular rotation. Basically, it's orange curd w/ whipped cream folded in. I will try it immediately w/ the Fage yogurt. Reduce the fat...take out the whipping step...thanks!

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          I often combine Fage 2% w/lemon curd (maybe 2 parts yog. to 1 part curd, it's so sweet) and then top it with fresh berries for a healthier summertime dessert.