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Jun 28, 2006 06:17 PM

Asian cookware

Can anyone recommend good sources for Asian cookware, either online or in Boston area? Any recommendations for the best kind of wok?

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  1. Try using google maps and searching for Asian Markets, you might want to narrow down what you are looking for for a more specific recommendation.

    A wok may not work for you if you don't have a high enough BTU burner, Alton Brown did a bit on this and settled on a large flat bottomed fry pan instead. America's Test Kitchen found none of the electric ones worth buying.

    I own a large carbon steel round bottom wok, but since moving to an electric kitchen I haven't used it.

    1. I've ordered from The Wok Shop (San Francisco) online and it was a great experience. I ordered the carbon steel set for my boyfriend a while back; it's a good value, and he's loved it for a couple of years now. The owner also included a note explaining step-by-step how to season it. There were also a ton of free items... a cookbook, chopsticks, and a couple of other small things I think. Minor too, but I loved that it came wrapped in a Chinese newspaper!
      I researched it quite a bit before I ordered it, and carbon steel was always highly recommended over any other material.

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        Seconding the recommendation for buying online from The Wok Shop - we've purchased a number of items from them and have always been pleased.

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          That store is great and the owner is a character. I've ordered online and been to the store several times. Great service.

        2. There is a great chapter on buying a wok in the cookbook "The Breath of a Wok". You can either buy the cookbook, which I really like or go to your nearest book store and read the chapter. She also lists places to buy woks. I'm not sure if she mentions stores in Boston but I did buy a wok from the store she recommended in NYC and it was easy!

          1. This is a bit late but Super 88 in Dorchester has a ton of cookware and the prices are fantastic