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Jun 28, 2006 06:16 PM

Shopping for Asian cookware

Can anyone recommend places in Chinatown to shop for Asian cookware and cooking utensils?

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  1. There is a restaurant supply place right be Hei La Moon. Its on the large street to the right when facing Hei La's front door.

    Sorry for the bad directions but the place had nice looking stuff cheap.


    1. I like the stuff sold at the market around the corner from Chau Chow City...Can't remember the name, on the same street as Taiwan Cafe...They have the best quality, and price, woks I've found, and good wok utensils.

      1. Super 88 in Dorchester has selection and price on all that stuff. Got a huge wok there for like $12.00.

        1. I have comparison shopped many times in Chinatown and have found their prices to be consistently higher than Ming's in the South End. This place is deceptively huge and has great selection of wares, food, etc. Washington St at E. Berkley