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Jun 28, 2006 06:08 PM

Pig snout or pig tails?

Are there any restaurants in the city that serve pig snouts or tails?

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  1. There is certainly enough sold retail in this city that you'd think someone was serving it. Other than in charcuterie I haven't seen it in a Toronto restaurant, but you can get pig tails in Mennonite country. For example they have it on the menu at the Olde Heidelberg Restaurant Tavern in Heidelberg near St Jacobs (http://www.oldhh.com/rest.html).

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      Love the pigtails at the Olde Heidelberg House.


    2. Honestly, is there anyone that knows of a restaurant in T.O. that serves pigtails with split peas over rice. I recently saw this on a menu online and would like some ASAP. :)

      Split Peas with Pigtail

      (Or Any Choice of Meat)

      Served with White Rice, Cabbage Slaw and Fried Plantains

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        I had pigtail at Albert's real jerk(bathurst/st clair west). not bad. don't remember if there were peas.
        btw, i think Albert's is bit of expensive for what you get. with a small potion of rice,pig tails, it costs $9 or $10. maybe i am just used to how much i pay in a chinese resto. :-)