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Jun 28, 2006 06:06 PM

How's the Lobster in Santa Monica? (read LA Times review today)

Never been there, but I always thought it was a kind of a tourist-trappy place due being at the pier. But then I saw LA Times' pretty good review today, ( ) and am unsure now. The food writer's review seemed a bit over-the-top in her evaluation, so coming to the Chow boards to see if you agree/disagree (and to get a better feel of others' experiences.


Now I'm not sure if I should check it out -- advice? (I work/live in SG Valley, so not many occasions when I would actually go to Santa Monica, since it's not my favorite of SoCal beaches -- but did come by this past Monday for Jiraffe's bistro dinner.)

Weblink to Restaurant site:

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  1. Have not had a chance to read the review, but I think the food is pedestrian and overpriced. It's a nice and fun place for drinks, but not much beyond that.

    FWIW, if I remember correctly the chef at the Lobster is actually allergic to lobster ...

    1. i've enjoyed all the meals i've had there.
      must admit, though, that i've never ordered the lobster, their signature dish.
      imho this is not pretentious gourmet food, so should not be ordered nor judged as such. i've always stuck to basic dishes and have been pleased.

      1. I hate this place. The food is not good. But the view is lovely. Go for cocktails.

        1. I went there once and was not impressed. It was definitely way overpriced for good, but not great food. And I found the service kind of tacky and order to drive up the tab, the waiter said something along the lines of "you're only ordering THAT?" to someone at my table. In sum, there are much better places to eat in Santa Monica. It's definitely not worth coming in from SG Valley to eat there.

          1. I like it for the view and, as another poster mentioned, good, but not great food. Nothing is outstanding, but it is satisfying. I like going for the appetizers more. Oh, and desserts are pretty big and shareable.