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Jun 28, 2006 05:17 PM

Your favorite use for creme fraiche?

My sons cooked dinner for me on my birthday, and bought some creme fraiche (they made a delicious light cheesecake).

Now I have about 5 oz of creme fraiche left over. I've never cooked with it before. It's very yummy, and I could easily just eat it with a spoon, but I'm guessing that some of you will have even more delicious suggestions. Preferably something fairly simple, since I don't have lots of cooking time at the moment, and since I really want to taste the cream!

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  1. Simplest of all: dollop a mound of fresh blueberries (preferably wild) and drizzle on a little blueberry honey.

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    1. re: carswell

      Ran right out to the kitchen to put this together. Yum!!!

    2. This time of year I would top it on some fresh berries.

      1. Crème fraiche can be lightly whipped in the same manner as whip cream. In fact, it is wonderful whipped in equal parts with whipped cream.

        1. A little dollop on top of a nice soup (hot or chilled) is fantastic.
          A little dollop on top of scrambled eggs or a nice omelette.
          Spread a bit on a nice piece of toast before laying a few pieces of smoked salmon down and topping with capers and chopped shallot.

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          1. re: Aaron

            Frittata topping or similar to Aaron's suggestion, except I serve it on water crackers with salmon roe instead of smoked salmon, with a dill sprig as a garnish.

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              I love smoked salmon, next time I buy some I will have to get creme fraiche to go with it, this sounds fantastic.

              1. re: Anne H

                It is also fantastic on caviar bread with beluga. Caviar on top. The salty and sour taste is delightful.

            2. My favorite way to enjoy this is over a baked potato with a dollop of caviar.