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Your favorite use for creme fraiche?

My sons cooked dinner for me on my birthday, and bought some creme fraiche (they made a delicious light cheesecake).

Now I have about 5 oz of creme fraiche left over. I've never cooked with it before. It's very yummy, and I could easily just eat it with a spoon, but I'm guessing that some of you will have even more delicious suggestions. Preferably something fairly simple, since I don't have lots of cooking time at the moment, and since I really want to taste the cream!

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  1. Simplest of all: dollop a mound of fresh blueberries (preferably wild) and drizzle on a little blueberry honey.

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      Ran right out to the kitchen to put this together. Yum!!!

    2. This time of year I would top it on some fresh berries.

      1. Crème fraiche can be lightly whipped in the same manner as whip cream. In fact, it is wonderful whipped in equal parts with whipped cream.

        1. A little dollop on top of a nice soup (hot or chilled) is fantastic.
          A little dollop on top of scrambled eggs or a nice omelette.
          Spread a bit on a nice piece of toast before laying a few pieces of smoked salmon down and topping with capers and chopped shallot.

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            Frittata topping or similar to Aaron's suggestion, except I serve it on water crackers with salmon roe instead of smoked salmon, with a dill sprig as a garnish.

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              I love smoked salmon, next time I buy some I will have to get creme fraiche to go with it, this sounds fantastic.

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                It is also fantastic on caviar bread with beluga. Caviar on top. The salty and sour taste is delightful.

            2. My favorite way to enjoy this is over a baked potato with a dollop of caviar.

              1. Hello, New here and wanted to post this delicious recipe that someone brought to our dinner club the other night. It was wonderful.

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                  Welcome. This recipe looks incredible, especially since gruyere is one of my favorite cheeses. I'm going to have to wait to make it until I'm going to a potluck so that I won't eat the whole thing and have a heart attack, though. Yumm.

                2. My favorite is creme fraiche (or sour cream when I am feeling less fabulous) over fried bananas. Just a quick sautee of bananas in butter and brown sugar, topped with a healthy spoonful of creme fraiche and it is perfect for breakfast, dessert, whatever!

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                    I'm glad the spoonful of creme fraiche is healthy ;-)

                    This sounds just incredible, I am definitely going to have to try it.

                    1. The saffron rice pudding in The Last Course by Claudia Fleming called for whipped creme fraiche. It's excellent.

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                        I agree. Fleming's rice pudding is great.

                        I live in East Lansing, Michigan and am a member of the East Lansing Food Co-op. We get daily deliveries of bread from Zingerman's in Ann Arbor and have 1 member who orders 3 loaves of chocolate chunk sourdough every Saturday. I saw her once picking up the bread and buying 3 containers of Vermont Butter & Cheese Company creme fraiche and asked her what she does with it. She said she toasts the bread (you can use a frying pan if you don't want to deal with toaster cleanup) and applies creme fraiche and homemade elderberry jam. I ordered 3 loaves for a dessert either the day before a wedding or at the wedding party itself (hmm ... racking brain ... no answer) and got the creme fraiche and a variety of jams (strawberry margarita, black currant, morello cherry, and pomegranate jelly). It helped make me very popular with a bunch of people I was meeting for the first time.

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                          Chocolate chunk sourdough. How interesting. I might have to try making that.

                      2. I think eating it with a spoon might be the most delicious. I also love it on top of a sweet pie or tart instead of whipped cream or ice cream(like tarte tatin -- creme fraiche on top is ohmygod good), on gingerbread, on strawberries with a little raw sugar, as an accent in black bean soup or butternut squash soup ...

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                          Oh on gingerbread, oh wow, that would be delicious. Is it too hot to turn the oven on? Oh yummmm.

                        2. We had some leftover once. That same weekend my husband made a delicious banana bread. Spread it like cream cheese, that was pretty good!

                          1. Smoked salmon topped with creme fraiche and a bit of caviar, garnished with chives.


                            1. You can cook with it, with the high fat content it won't separate no matter what heat or acid you add.
                              I love it to tone down anything that's too sweet.

                              1. There is a great recipe for Chicken Dijonnaise in the first Silver Palate book, that calls for creme fraiche. It's a really easy recipe, basically, marinate chicken in mustard (the grainy kind is good in this), and then saute chicken in olive oil. Once the chicken is cooked and has given off its juice, mix in the creme fraiche by the spoonful, to taste. This is great over rice pilaf.

                                1. I like it on (or stuffed into) macerated dried fruits with toasted almond slices-- i.e., dried apricots macerated in brandy, dates macerated in white grape juice or sherry (fino or sweet), prunes macerated in port & cinnamon, pears macerated in white wine or a sweet after-dinner white.

                                  1. When making Linguini or Fettucini with Pesto, do as they do on the Cote d'Azur in France: add a tablespoon of Creme Fraiche to the sauce. It becomes delightfully rich and creamy...quite decadent.

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                                      Very nice with sauteed mushrooms over anything.

                                    2. If I have leftover, I add to plain tomato sauce to make a most decadent rose sauce for pasta. Or added to marsala sauce.

                                      Also, a wonderful discovery...delicious on warm chocolate chip cookies.

                                      1. Creme fraiche with some pureed horseradish and fresh lime juice whipped in is a terrific condiment for halibut.

                                        1. A dollop stirred into peas is delicious.

                                          1. When I lived in France the girls on my hall used to make this dish:
                                            saute until brown and cooked through chicken (breast, usually) in butter with some shallots and mushrooms; finish off of the heat with enough creme fraiche to make a nice sauce; s and p to taste