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Jun 28, 2006 05:02 PM

Good fishmonger in Houston

Just moved to Houston, I am in search of a good fish market that
sell sushi quality fish??

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  1. Both Whole Foods and Central Market have excellent quality fish. J&R Seafood (7277 Brompton, just south of Holcombe) has been recommended to me, although I have not been there personally.

    1. There is a Japanese mini market located at the corner of Westheimer and Wilcrest. I just can't think of the name but I think it's Daido. It's operated by Japanese and they have a good selection of sushi quality fish that you can cut up your self and eat. They sell variety of Japanese food/goods.

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        The place is Nippon Daido. A fun place to go and shop. We buy food there and also have purchased a really great rice steamer. I highly recommend the place.

      2. I have heard that the Fiesta on I-10W often has great deals on salmon and other fish.

        Check out the big Asian supermarkets in Bellaire Chinatown.

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          clarifying your old post....
          that Fiesta is soon to close, thanks to the Katy Frwy expansion.

          I go to Airline Seafood on Richmond. Not sure about sushi quality, but they are quite high quality, with good variety (and excellent campechana).

        2. the hong kong city mall supermarket has a large seafood selection but my experience is mixed. i got a whole red snapper and it tasted super muddy after steaming it. another time i got a beautiful blue fish, oven roasted it turned out delicious. none of the stuff there i would trust as sushi quality however.

          1. Check Fountainview Fishmarket on Fountainview, near Richmond. If he doesn't have any, he can tell you where or order some for you. Eat the fried shrimp while you are there.