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Jun 28, 2006 04:59 PM


I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and have since cut back on my sweets intake. I am a sugar freak and it has been extremely hard. I have taken to having one dessert each month as a treat. June is almost over and I have yet to have my dessert. Any recommendations for a restaurant that has fabulous desserts? I am a chocolate lover (classic combos with peanut butter, caramel and raspberries) One of my favorites has always been the chocolate souffle at GD. I also like ice cream and fruit combinations. Anyone have someplace they would try in the east bay or SF?

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  1. Have tried Citizen Cake? They are a bit heavy handed with the butter cream at times, but in general their desserts are pretty good.

    In Berkeley, I think, there is a bakery called Masse, I think. They have great dessert/pastries.

    And for less sweet desserts, have you tried Asian dessert places? Like Creation Desserts in the Sunset area? They have funky dessert with lots of mango, read bean, and mochi as main players.

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      I'm in love with the Citizen Cake Pates. And agree that Creation desserts would be perfect, especialy that light and wonderful mango mochi.

      Masse's seems kind of sweet though. But that reminded me that Lola's on Solano has fabulous chocolate desserts for take out. Very good fruit pies too. Definately another place I splurge.

      Also the OP might consider getting into designer chocolate. Chocolat on Solano has a good selection of dark chocolates where the sugar content is low. I'm really like the Italian ones that are estate labelled near the door. I'm blanking on the name of the chocolate, but the are from Italy and right by th door.

      Wendy, I noticed, I forget where, that you changed your name. If you are interested there's a thread I started on Site Talk that is a little repository of that.

      The poster formerly known as

    2. Tartine Bakery is always a good bet.

      For a fantastic ice cream, meringue, chocolate and nut dessert. The Vachein at Coco500 is hard to beat

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        Second the Vacherin. I thought with all the ingredients it would be too much but it is remarkably well balanced.

        Glad to see you posting, Chubby. I was worried we lost the bunrabs in the relaunch.

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        1. IMO, Citizen Cake is significantly sweeter than Masse's or many other places.

          1. I've never had anything from Masse's I was crazy about, and some of his more elaborate cakes just didn't work. I much prefer Crixa.

          2. Really like the chocolate/butterscotch pudding at Town Hall. No only is it wonderful, there is a lot of it.

            1. I wrote recently about an insanely delicious peanut butter bar at Emmy's Spaghetti shack in the outer Mission. Chunky peanut butter, chocolate, caramel ice cream, caramel sauce. Not cakey, very fudgy.

              I can't speak for their other desserts, but this one is amazing.

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                I have dreams about this dessert - it's fan-FREAKIN-tastic! The saltiness of the peanut butter and the chocolatey coating combined with the Mitchell's ice cream is a match made in heaven. Did you notice any "krispy" bits in the peanut butter layer? Was that toffee or krispies? Also I think there was a caramel sauce drizzled on the side. The best in the city, IMHO.
                Town Hall's selections are always wonderful, too. However, my vote is for Emmy's.

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                  There was definitely no bottom crust of any type - the only crunch or crisp were the peanuts in the bar part. But the salt was significant. Maybe there's some Maldon sea salt sprinkled around? It was dusted with a little confectioner's sugar too.

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                    This sounds right up my alley. I will definitely check it out! Thanks.