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Jun 28, 2006 04:51 PM

nobu veterans - favorite food dishes

i've been to nobu a number of times but always order the same: yellowtail sashimi, black cod, creamy spicy crab, sashimi salad. taking relatives from australia this saturday, any new suggestions? we don't want to do ala carte or sushi. what's the word on the squid pasta or the eggplant dish?

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  1. I love all the dishes you named first of all. I also used to order the rock shrimp tmpura each time I went. My new favorite is the squid pasta salad. It's basically grilled squid, asparagus and other vegatables in an amazing garlic sauce. I love it.

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      went to Next Door Nobu a few weeks back, and also tried the rock shrimp tempura. Wasn't expecting too much, but oh man, was it ever terrific. This is a don't-miss dish.

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        is this the creamy spicy rock shrimp tempura? or just a plain tempura?

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          creamy spicy. ohh man this dish alone makes a return visit worth it.

          other notable dish we had was the yellowtail sashimi w/ jalepeno (and cilantro leaf).

          I found the eggplant w/ miso to be a little too intense - sweet and cloying, but it could just be me.

          Tuna tataki w/ ponzo I thought okay, but was overdressed.

          Black cod with miso was very good, as you'd expect. Cod was perfectly cooked, and miso glaze was delicate, and didn't overpower the fish.

          Note: I'm referring to our meal at Next Door Nobu, not the original Nobu.

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            has anyone tried to the rock shrimp tempura the other way? with ponzu and chili pepper? i was planning to get the creamy spicy crab as one of the dishes and don't want to be repetitive. ;)

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        I'm allergic to shrimp and have discovered that, at least at NND, they do the same dish with lobster. OMG.

      3. i'm sold. :) is the lobster with wasabi sauce worth it?

        1. How about some of the 'secret' dishes as described on this blog?:

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          1. any word on the new style sashimi?

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              It's good, but it probably won't blow you away... what kind of sashimi do you normally like? These are very very thinly sliced pieces (like carpacio) drizzled with hot oil so that it cooks a tiny tiny bit... Not really comparable to some of the better Sushi restaurants in the city.

            2. You should still get the Cod, obviously, so they can try it. The squid pasta, and the rock shrimp tempura have also become must have's. If you like Squid, you will definetely like the squid pasta...

              One of my favorite dishes that people don't talk about too much is the Halibut Cheeks with Wasabi Pepper Sauce. Don't let the cheeks scare you off... they are really delicious (reminds me a little of skate- just a little fatter) and the sauce is mustard'ly delicious!!! Anybody else agree with me on this one??? I never see it mentioned...

              Anyway you can read a longer review of Nobu on my blog:

              eGustibus Food Blog: