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Jun 28, 2006 04:48 PM

French fries

I grew up on the lemony, fat, tangy french fries from the Athenian Room on Armitage. I'm heading back to Chicago, where else should I go for memorable fries?

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  1. Up in evanston there is Cross Rhodes at Main and Chicago - they make an excellent lemony fry -

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      I'll second the recommendation for Cross Rhodes, excellent fries. Just had them about a week ago with a steak -- I think it was a skirt steak-- very delicious, excellent meal.

    2. Hot Dougs on Roscoe & California

      Duck Fat fries to die for. Available on Fri & Sat only

      1. I had fantastic fries the other day for lunch at Francesca Forno at Damen and Milwaukee. There was something different and delicious about them...although a bit simpler than the Athenian Room Fries. Both the fries and sauteed broccoli were amazing while the rest of our food was only so so. My chicken salad was really bland.
        Huey's Hot Dogs on Balmoral and Clark Street in Andersonville has great fries. The chili is basic but quite good...pile some chili over your fries! If you haven't been here you'll love it. Great burgers, fries, dogs, chicken sandwiches, etc.