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Jun 28, 2006 04:38 PM

Anyplace actually serve COLD PIZZA?

I ask because this morning I pulled from the fridge leftover pizza (from ZELO'S in Arcadia) and it was fabulous, esp. given this weather.

Went down real nice with a strawberry smoothie made with Fosselman's strawberry ice cream, Mexican papaya, fresh strawberries, and nice dallop or two of cool whip.

But I digress - is there any place that will actually sell you a slice or a whole pie that's cold?

Thanks very much.

Might make for a good lunch me thinks.

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  1. Greco's Pizza in Sherman Oaks will sell you a cold slice, not sure about the pie. They always have 4-5 different types of cold pizza that they sell by the slice.

    1. Yeah, just about any by the slice will serve you a cold slice of pie. My favorite by far is Abbot Pizza on Abbot Kinney in Venice...