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Jun 28, 2006 04:25 PM

Hotcakes Bakery (Creampuffs Made By Angels)

Seriously, the best creampuff I've ever had! New French Bakery featuring French Pastries, Cakes, Quiches. I tried the Cream Puffs, Brioche, and the Almond Croissant (not all at once of course!) I have to say, better than Paris Pastry and Amandine. . . .I know pretty tough competition.

4119 Centinela Ave., and Washington

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  1. Thanks for posting on this new place. Have you had the cream puffs from Angel Maid (Centinela, near Culver), or Beard Papas (Hollywood & Highland complex)? Those are heavenly.

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    1. re: slacker

      I have tried the delicious cream puffs from Angel Maid. The one's at Hotcakes are a bit different. Pastry puff is different consistenancy and the cream is different. I will try Beard (or is it Bread) and Papas - thanks!

      1. re: slacker

        Ok, I'm going to correct myself. Tried the Cream Puffs at Beard Papas last night (Hollywood & Highland complex) - nothing compares. If I could, I take back my comment about creampuffs from Hotcakes. You're right, heavenly.

      2. Oooo!! SO went by when they first opened and was unimpressed. I don't think he got a cream puff though, we LOVE Angel Maid, so I'm looking forward to seeing how these compare! :)