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WE ARE THE TRUE Chowhounds ....

Give yourselves a round of applause. We are the real deal. Where the heck is everybody? Do people experience anxiety when it comes to registering with a site and providing their email address? So you get some spam, BFD. We all get spammed. The number of posts is waaayyyy down since the upgrade (at least for us in NYC). I hope we won't have to recruit hounds soon. We now have a great site, and yet people have shyed away. What's the story?

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  1. I too have been missing posts by some of my favorite folks - though of course many other familiar and wonderful people have posted already. The registration is easy, and so far I haven't been spammed at all.


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    1. re: Phoo D

      I agree- easy to register. I used a "throwaway" yahoo email when I registered. Have not received ANY spam. I also used the email a few weeks ago on chow.com- to be contacted when the site was up. Again, no spam. Hope everyone comes back!

    2. I've been a regular for a long time and after a move to the UK began to change the sections I read most frequently. I'd say the readership is down a huge amount on the International board. Maybe people are slow to try something new. I think the boards are too numerous in number and it gets tedious looking at so many when the one international section seemed to work just fine.

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      1. re: zuriga1

        I used to peruse the International Board daily but haven't since the new site went up. Too much to wade through. It wasn't uncommon for me to fortuitously trip over and respond to such diverse topics as the Kampaki District in Istanbul and Meshoui in Marrakesh. If the International Board remains as divided as it is, I'll probably check in only when I'm looking for something specific or have a query to post.

        On the other hand, I suspect the reinstitution of Hot Posts will change that. I'll be able, once again, to take a quick look and find subjects of interest.

      2. Seems that way to me too. Much fewer posts and I was remarking to another 'hound on that subject. Maybe it is a registration phobia. But, I love having the international board broken out to be more specific. There is a lot of territory out there. Imagine in there was just a US board. There used to be a whole lot to wade through that I shad no interest in and now it is much much better to be able to be more specific in finding info on a city or country.

        I am noticing some new handles I have not seen before. I wonder if they are indeed "new handles" or new users or lurkers who have decided to register but have not yet posted. There are a few who are tracking me whose handles I am sure I have never seen in the past.

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        1. re: Candy

          Some of the new names are people who thought this was a good time to shed a worn out user name and find a more appropriate one. But if you look at the Home board, posts from all boards are thrown together and you see names from boards you do not normally read.

        2. No spam here, either. I also wondered, like Candy, if people took this opportunity to change their handles. I've been lurking for a long time and only recently started posting, but have noticed some of the 'regulars' going awol...I hope they aren't cheating on us w/ another forum......

          1. You don't recruit new chowhounds as a regular practice?

            The more people reading the board, the more likely some little known delicious new tip might be reported.

            I can't tell you the number of times when I strike up a conversation in a restaurant that I wind up writing down the chowhound URL and telling people to check it out.

            1. I'm ready and wanting to return, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to post an original post. All I can do is reply, which is nice, but I now have a backlog of very important questions... help!

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              1. re: Ida Red

                at the top and bottom of the boads there should be buttons with the title "add topic" or some such and then you can start up new threads.

                most of the bigger names seem to have declared their name changes... i'm going to assume that a number of people that were one off posters are now just lurkers until they feel the dire need to post. PLUS i also think that with the search function it removes a lot of people with "repetitive" questions that just use any old info to piece together what they want.

                maybe the crowd is generally more timid?

                to be honest, there was one poster on my home board who simply plagued people while being helpful about only half the time and he hasn't popped up yet. especially since he seemed to love to harass me i can't say i feel a loss with fewer postings.

              2. When you are reading the page with the 20 threads on it...on the top, click "Add a topic."

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                1. re: zruilong

                  Yes, I just searched again, but no, I don't see anything that says "add a topic".
                  I remember seeing something like that the other day when I first encounterd the new look, but I don't remember if that was on my Mac at home. I'm on a PC now and I wonder if that has anything to do with the problem.

                  1. re: Ida Red

                    You will first need to exit this thread and go to a topic board.

                    Right now, go to the very top of this page and look for the word "Boards" in the burgundy header. Now, clidk on the Boards link.

                    Now, choose a board! Right now, for example, you are viewing a post within the "Site Talk" board (short for message board).

                    Once you choose a board, you will be viewing a list of topics (20 at a time) from that board.

                    Now, at the top portion of the page, look for the name of the board. It will be in a fairly large font and in the same burgundy color as the header stripe that contained the Boards link. For example, if you went to the Site Talk board, you would see the words "Site Talk".

                    Now look to the right of that board name. BINGO! You will see a burgundy-colored button with the words "ADD A TOPIC" printed in white inside.

                    This is the button you will click on each time you would like to begin a new topic!

                    I hope this helps,


                    1. re: David Ford

                      When I scroll to the top of this page, there is no burgundy header with the word "Boards" to be found, even if I click on "Site Talk". ???!
                      Thank you for the trouble-shooting, belive me, I'm searching, but the "add a topic" is not to be found.
                      And I can't post my problem to the head-hounds... there must be others out there with this problem.

                      1. re: Ida Red

                        "Add a Topic" is a red pill looking button right below the search box on board view (top level) pages

                        1. re: Ida Red

                          I am baffled, but you can write the Chowhound Team at the following address:


                          Good luck!


                          1. re: Ida Red

                            Check your browser settings. I use Internet Explorer, and while experimenting yesterday with the settings, I screwed that up on my display of Chowhound. Go to Tools, Interenet Options, Accessibility, make sure the "Ignore colors specified on web pages" check box is NOT checked. By checking that box it wipes out some of the Chowhound stylesheet components.

                            1. re: Ida Red

                              You won't see Add a Topic when you are reading a thread like this one, you have to go back to the board you want to post on. So click on Boards, click the board you want. Now look as described earler and you will see Add a Topic. Once you click on a post, you can only reply.

                              To give this try, scoll up to the top, hover your mouse icon over boards, this will display all the boards, now click on Ontario (including Toronto) for example. When this opens, at the top you will see "Ontario (including Toronto)" in large print. Now look just to the right of this, and you will see "Add a Topic."

                              Good luck!

                      2. that was in response to Ida Red, not Cheese Boy

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                        1. re: zruilong

                          Well, that's one nice new feature. You can edit your own post after it's posted. If you check your own post, it will say "edit" in the bottom right corner. That's only for you to edit. Not anyone else.

                          1. re: yayadave

                            But my problem was that I replied to the original poster and not to Ida Red..., so the indentation was incorrect

                            Editing cannot fix that.

                        2. If people are so worried about spam, do what I do. I have a hotmail account and use it for signing up for stuff. Like I care if my hotmail acct. is full of crap. As long as it's not my home addy.


                          1. It has nothing to do with registration, and I sincerely doubt any regular users of the old board are too technologically incompetent to figure out how to post a new topic.

                            It's simply less immersive. Everything is too spaced-out and each discussion thread is too removed from the others (aesthetically). I noticed a few days ago that this might well prevent people from posting as much, because when one posts, it feels like it sort of floats out into the ether. It's a less vigorously conversational feel.

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                            1. re: Luther

                              That's really interesting. And have to say it's not my experience - I'm posting WAY more and spending much more time on chowhound - to me it feels easier and i'm more interested in more boards. I don't have the 'out into the ether' feeling at all. so, I'd say that's NOT why it's happening....which leads me to believe that none of us has the answer.

                              1. re: krissywats

                                Yeah, I have definitely been reading it a lot more since the change! I haven't done a lick of work this morning!! Heh heh! ;-)

                                1. re: Katie Nell

                                  i'm addicted.... i'm reading far more than i used to and hopping over to boards i wouldn't normally consider. commenting isn't necessarily up on my end though.

                                  it's almost more vigorous for me because it keeps telling you if new msgs pop up in the threads that you're participating in and so you'll go to check...whereas before it was pretty easy to skim over and not notice something new.

                            2. Face it, people hate change, even if it's for the better, even if they've pleaded and begged and cajoled for it. Give them time to get used to finding their way around and most will be back.


                              1. I am reading loads more than I was because for the past couple of years the old site would lock up my entire computer at home. every single time. So this is great.