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Jun 28, 2006 03:49 PM

Paris: Best Bang For Your Buck

Hi guys! I'll be in Paris in few days, but I'm trying not to spend a ridiculous amount of money on food -- Any food recommendations for someone on a budget? I'm looking to spend around the 20 euro range. Also, if there are any recommendations for a restaurant that I MUST go to despite the cost, please send out those recommendations as well.


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  1. just got back from paris and went to a few places with good food but still relatively inexpensive. i highly recommend sandra gustafson's great eats paris book, in which she lists restaurants at all prices, including cheap eats. we loved a cool little restaurant called polidor in the 6th, not too far from the odeon metro stop. the patrons share long tables and it's kind of rustic, always crowded and very lively. food is not fancy but tastes really good. i had a wonderful chicken breast in a pureed mushroom sauce with rice for about 10-12 euros. in the marais neighborhood, you should try l'as du falafel for lunch and go to sacha finkelstajzn (?) across the street for a great dessert for a total of less than 10 euros. you will know l'as when you get there because there will be a huge line out front. and if you havent heard of berthillon ice cream yet, be sure to stop by the shop on ile st. louis. really delicious ice cream, though the portions are pretty small.

    1. A la Biche au Bois in the 12th is a favorite of mine, as well as Astier in the 11th. Both won't be expensive, but perhaps just a little more than 20 euro. Biche au Bois has good game in the winter--the venison of the restaurant's name, wild boar stew with chestnuts. The Parisians seem to go wild for the calves kidneys here, but I haven't done that yet: good duck, lamb, etc. I was long a fan of a place hidden away in the 11th called L'Ami Pierre--for steak and all you can eat chocolate mousse, which in my case is a lot of chocolate mousse, and L'Encrier in the 12th was one of the great budget places before it got really discovered--might still be a place to check out. Opinions?

      1. Twice what you want to spend but best bang for your buck would be the six course dinner at L'Os a Moelle on Rue Vasco da Gama (39 euros). Worthy every euro!

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          You could fast for a day, and THEN go to L'Os a Moelle. It really is worth it.

        2. You can get a very good 3 course meal at L'Epi Dupin for about €32 or so. It's worth the extra Euros for a fun and delicious evening. Their lunches are even less - have a baguette for dinner that day.