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Restaurant ideas for my all-potato diet?

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I'm thinking about focusing on potatoes -- not potatoes entirely, but largely -- for the foreseeable future. Any ideas for restaurants I should visit and dishes I should order?

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    1. what's the point of a potato diet? Weight-loss, health, religion?? My 3 year old would love it ;)

      1. Try the potato pizza at Sullivan Street Bakery/Grandaisy.

        1. The gnocchi at Bianca and Da Andrea are terrific.

          1. Good God, an all potato diet? I'll be on the next plane.

            1. Potato pancakes at Zum Schneider are good, and i've heard they are at Blaue Gans as well.

              Pierogi at Veselka.

              The mashed potatoes at Daisy May's are wesome as are the sweet potatoes.

              Love the french fries at the Spotted Pig (garlic and rosemary)

              Goose fat potatoes at Strip House.

              1. I like the cold potatoes at Grand Sichuan

                1. Best sweet potato fries in NYC are at Phebe's Tavern and Grill!!

                  1. Potato pancakes at Diamond Dairy for lunch. Some of the best in NYC.

                    It's up the stairs in the back of the diamond bazzar near 5th Avenue.