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July 4 take-out near Jones & Washington?

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We are staying at a friend's condo on Jones & Washington on July 4 (they are out of town) so we can watch the fireworks. Is there a nicer neighborhood restaurant that would do dinner to go? We are willing to walk a mile or so. I'm not looking for ethnic unless it's more upscale ethnic (and I can't do spicy right now).

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  1. The immediate area of Jones and Washington is the closest thing to a dining wasteland as you will find in San Francisco. San Francisco, however, is a compact city and a mile walk will take you to to plenty of "fine dining" establishments in the downtown, fiancial district of Fisherman's Wharf areas. You'll face a steeep climb getting it home, howver: a 10-20 percent grade depending on the direction.

    Order pizza; it's as American as the 4th of July.

      1. The closest restaurant to you is probably Venticello. A nice neighborhood restaurant. I'm sure they would do take out. If not their sister restaurant down the street definitely does.


        There's also Rue St. Jaques that has gotten many good reviews on this site on Jackson St.


        You can always pick out a few on Hyde just a few blocks the other way. Luella, Zarzuela.

        Then further to Polk with several choices.

        Not a waste land at all if you walk just a few blocks.

        1. Considering how central that neighborhood is I'd hardly consider it a "wasteland". You can walk in any direction and find good food. Restaurante Milano is an Italian neighborhood place that will do take out if you like, their angel hair pasta is always good, although sometimes cooked further than some would like, nice tomato sauce though. They also do a good veal chop, and often their seafood/fish dishes shine. If only they were a bit more consistent! I'd say it's worth a gamble if it's the type of food you are craving, and they are very nice and neighborly.
          Polk street is about four or five blocks west, the walk home is at an incline, yes, but not at all undoable. You can always criss-cross between blocks, and you'll get a chance to explore the neighborhood. Once there, there is:
          *Tai Chi-inexpensive Chinese, they deliver quickly!
          415 441 6758 2031 Polk
          *Thai Spice-uneven, sometimes good Thai food, they deliver
          415 775 4777 1730 Polk
          *East Coast West-New York "style" deli, stick to your ribs sandwiches, begals w/ shmear, don't get the fried chicken!
          415 563 3542 1725 Polk
          *La Parilla Grill- A new place, I'd go if you're in the mood for a little spicy, the lamb stew is good, some dishes need salt, ask for pozole!
          415 359 1212 1760 Polk
          Pesce and Tablespoon are both good neighborhood places, don't know if they'll do take out, give them a call.
          If you want Sushi, walk down Taylor to Sanraku (704 Sutter, at Taylor). They are generally pretty crowded, but will do to go. Warning: This walk back up Taylor is a steep one, but there's steps!
          Within steps of you really, at Clay and Jones is a steak house called C&L, I think, if you are into that sort of thing. I would think they'd do take out no problem, for a neighbor like yourself.
          Nook, on Pacific at Hyde is a nice lunch space, and take out works well here. Good sandwiches and salads. I recommend the tuna on WHOLEWHEAT baguette, dressings on the side.
          You can also head into Chinatown or Northbeach, or search for Tenderloin spots.
          Obviously, I'm biased, I live in this neighborhood and love it, easy to get good food, even without a car.

          1. FYI, C&L closed a couple of weeks ago. Rumor has it that they will reopen in an as-yet-to-be-named, SF hotel.

            1. In case anyone's interested, most places were closed on the 4th, so we ended up getting take-out from Ristorante Milano. For some reason, I had always walked by this place without noticing it. Well, we really enjoyed our meal, the staff was very nice and friendly, and the food was ready in about 15 minutes. What we ordered:

              Romaine salad with fennel and cucumber - very light and refreshing, perfectly dressed

              Grilled chicken livers and bacon with grilled endive - the livers were good, the bacon could have been crisper, the endive was very tasty and the flavors all went well together; there was also some wilted arugula (I think)

              Fettucine milanese - a generous portion of pasta - we only ate half; the meat sauce flavors were well blended with a pleasant sweet note from the tomatoes; the downside was that they didn't give us any grated cheese (we put some on the leftovers which we ate for lunch today)

              Veal scalloppine with mushrooms - 2 pieces of veal with a generous amount of sauteed wild mushrooms; tasty potato wedges, green beans, and spinach on the side

              Tiramisu - I hadn't had this dessert in a long time and it didn't disappoint; pleasant, not overpowering, coffee and booze flavors

              This is not a destination restaurant, but a great neighborhood place. Thanks for the recommendations.

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                So nice to hear that you enjoyed Milano, since I usually have such nice meals there. The wait-staff have such lovely Italian accents and are charming. And when the kitchen gets it right, everything sparkles. Unfortunately, I've experienced some inconsistency, but never enough to stop me from trying again.
                I love their house-made angel hair pasta, the tuna carpaccio, and when in season, the appetizer of grilled spot prawns over a lentil ragout.
                For anyone planning to go there, the made-to-order zabaglione is amazing!

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                  We saw some diners enjoying the "fountain of lava" zabaglione; it looked divine. We will definitely try it if we eat there.