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Jun 28, 2006 03:31 PM

Where to buy good, fresh seafood near Back Bay?

Hi there. I am tired of paying Whole Foods for "not so fresh" fish. Do you know of a good fishmonger in the area? If so, please help me out. Thanks!

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  1. As a long-term Back Bay resident, I sympathize. We really don't have lots of good markets.

    Some suggestions:

    In the South End, Morse Fish, on Washington opposite the Cathedral, is both a fish market and informal restaurant.

    In Cambridge, there are several fish markets on Cambridge St. My favorite is Court House Fish, about 4 blocks north of the court house (duh). Excellent fish prepared for you while you watch. See recent posting about this place.

    Does Savenor's on Charles St. have fish? Everything it does have is very good but $$$$$.

    1. Try going to Wulfs in Brookline, on Harvard Street. C-line to coolidge corner and a 5 minute walk. Real old style fish monger.

      1. Ditto the recco for Wulf's - they're wonderful. Savenor on Charles St. does have seafood. Have bought there twice recently, 4 star, but pricey.

        Both places are good for seasonal things like softshell crabs and shad roe that supermarkets don't carry.

        1. Hmm. I live a couple of blocks from Wulf's, and do shop there, but I wouldn't if I weren't so convenient. Yes, it has that funky (in a good way) genuine old-fashioned fishmonger atmosphere, and often has unusual specialties,'s also funky in a bad way, in that it always smells strongly fishy, which a good fish market shouldn't. And I've often seen fish offered there that just didn't have that fresh-off-the-boat look.

          When I want the freshest fish in the neighborhood I hike over the hill to Whole Foods on Washington St.