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Jun 28, 2006 03:26 PM

Dropped Log In---Problem Continues

I notice that the CH team replied a couple days ago to a post about dropped log in during browsing. The reply explained that active sessions had to be cleared because of a cookie bug. Is this something that's been happening often? My log in has been dropped pretty regularly on two different servers.

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  1. Same here.

    I sue CH at home and at work. Firefox at home, IE at work.

    Pretty much every time I visit the site I have to log in even though I always check the "remember me" checkbox.

    It's not any kind of cookie blocking on my part -- I have no problem being "remembered" by the New York Times, Bloglines, Yahoo, Meetup, eBay, Amazon, The Washington Post, etc.

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    1. re: Peter

      To clarify, because I think Peter has a different problem, my log-in is being dropped WHILE I'm on the CH site, not after I've switched to another site and am getting back in.