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Jun 28, 2006 03:20 PM

Jin's?? Any info??

I'm looking for any information about the new restaurant Jin, that is at the old Weylu's site. Haven't heard too much about it since it opened. Is is worth while going? Do they have a web site? Is there a buffet?? TIA

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  1. I went the second day it was open and posted a review. Someone else also reviewed it, but they made a comment that caused the moderators to retract their post. That poster indicated they were advertising the buffet in the paper, although it was only a la carte and dim sum. I thought the dim sum was reasonable, although pricey... service was ok, but not up to speed yet. The other dish we had was underseasoned and I didn't try any of the sushi. It was pan asian, but not much korean. Its pretty hard to review something that had just opened, but if you want more details from my first visit search for the older post (google may have it if you can't find it through the board interface).

    It is a chain, so you might be able to find out more about what to eventually expect on the General Topics Board.

    1. I saw an article in the chinese paper about the opening but it didn't have a lot of information. They did run an ad in chinese too but it was mostly about the pricey buffet ($23.99 weekend dinner if I recall). I think we are going to try to go there this weekend. The service has to be better than east manor which was insanely slow and useless.

      1. We finally made it to Jin's yesterday. I thought it was much better than when it was east manor (the fact that they weren't charging holiday rate on monday was a big improvement since east manor charged holiday rate a few days before and after any holiday including chinese new year). The cost was a little higher (19.99 for dinner on a weekday) but my husband thought it was well worth it since the quality was much better. The clientle was mostly chinese and all the serving staff spoke english and cantonese. The place definitely looked cleaner.

        We had buffet (no menu was offered). It was pretty good. We had a lot of seafood dishes soft shell crab, gingered lobster, stir fried scallops, lots of fish, snow crab, oysters etc.. They had a mediocre selection of sushi, lots of dim sum (all of it was pretty good), peking duck w/ pancakes, a noodle station, lots of soups, fruit, etc.. the food was much fresher and tastier than when it was east manor.
        My husband enjoyed it (he is chinese) but at $20 a person I think we will just order off the menu next time. (it was $12.99 for kids which I thought was a little crazy for a 3 year old who would only eat an orange and a spring roll.

        1. Does anyone have any more information on this restaurant (address/phone#). Does it have a website?

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            The address is:

            20 Frank Bennett Highway (Route 1 North)
            Saugus, MA

            Here is a bit of info on the old place, dunno if the number is the same.