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Jun 28, 2006 03:11 PM

Chicken Fried Steak in Alexandria

I just moved from Boca Raton FL and I'm craving some good Chicken Fried Steak - Any sugguestions?

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  1. Elsie's Magic Skillet on Route 1 does a pretty good country fired steak. White gravy as well.

    1. South Side 815 was recommended to me - anyone tried it?

      1. Southside has a very good one. Get a breadbasket, too. It has been awhile since I've been to Elsie's, it used to smell of cigarette smoke.

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        1. re: NoVaDog

          The smoking section still reeks, but I've noticed fewer and fewer smokers there. The rest isn't that smoky.

          Actually, IHOP does a pretty decent country fried steak, again with the white gravy. Pretty cheap, and they're two off Route 1 in VA.

        2. What is chicken fried steak...I've always wondered. Don't hate me for not knowing haha.

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          1. re: juliehf

            Try to catch GOOD EATS on FoodTV. Alton Brown (host) explains the ins and outs of real chicken fried steak in the episode called Cubing Around.

          2. A cheap cut of beef, usually pounded, breaded, as in fried chicken, fried, served with a white gravy with mashed potatoes. (I think if you have any more questions along this line, you might want to post them on the General Topics board.)