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Jun 28, 2006 03:02 PM

Greek Food in Nashua, NH?


I recently moved to the Nashua, NH area from Boston, and I am sorely missing our local Greek restaurant. Where can I find stellar gyros in my new area? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Give Liamos Market a call. 603-882-1381, 295 Lake St Nashua not sure if they do gyros, but maybe they can guide you.

    Here's a link that may be helpfull.

    I have never had a gyro so can't help too much, but when I worked in the area years ago, I do remember people liking Christopher's for gyros.

    The area has a few decent restaurants, but certainly you aren't going to find what you have been used to without a bit of a drive.

    I've been in the area for almost 30 years and things have gotten better, but you have to really search out the good places. Chains are just taking over.

    Main St in Nashua has a few good places. Non of them are Greek. nice little place in Milford,NH

    Now what you will not find is great pizza, sorry to say. Not even good. I have just started making my own.

    Although I have read that Espresso NY style pizza on Main St in Nashua is good. Just haven't made it there yet, and also maybe Amato's on 101A in Amherst.

    1. You could try the Sunset at 9 Simon St in Nashua or Charmans at 49 Lowell Rd in Hudson. Farther afield are the Athens in Manchester at 31 Central St, and the Olympia in Lowell MA is an institution.

      1. I like the gyros at Kinsley St pizza, a little past St. Joseph's hospital on the right.

          1. Seven Hill (was) Turkish, but is now gone.

            Try Cedar's - it is Lebanese (I think) which is similar, and the food is excellent.

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              original post was 2006. athens is still serving american-greek food--huge portions, nothing like you would get in greece.