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Jun 28, 2006 03:00 PM

Best brasserie in Paris?

My first two choices were Bofinger and Au Pied de Cochon but no one here seems to like either of those.

Is there a bettter, not to be missed, brasserie I should try?

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  1. Is there a difference between a "bistro" and "brasserie"??

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      Brasserie is French for brewery and most have an Alastian origin. Beer as well as wine is popular and most have specialities such as oyster and shellfish platters, choucroute, steaks. They are generally large, noisy, informal, open late and one doesn't need a reservation. The famous Parisian brasseries have been in a decline for many years. Recently many of the large brasseries have been taken over by the Flo chain (La Coupoul, Brasserie Flo, Julien, Bofinger, etc.) Although they retain the wonderful decor and atmosphere, most of the food have a generic quality.
      Bistro is a small casual restaurant, many originally family owned with a small menu. Recently, bistro has been expanded to include creative chef-owned restaurants, some are part of a large restaurant empire. Although still casual, most need a reservation.

    2. OK--I'll be sure to look for bistros then when I visit Paris soon. Thanks.

      Know any good bistos in 5e & 6e near San Michel??

      1. Like a goodly number. In the fifth I am paticularly fond of Le Repaire de Cartouche & Le Reminet and in the 6th: Ze Kitchen Galerie, Le Rotisserie d'en Face, Les Chapentiers, & Les Bookinistes (I think they changed the spelling). For a traditional and wonderful bistrot don't miss Chez Denise in the 1st arr. It is open all night from Monday to Friday. I was in Paris in Dec. and posted about Le Pamphlet (wonderful) Le P'tit Troquet (also delightful) and a couple of others. If you search this board you should be able to find them. I am not yet up on the new site. Enjoy yourself. you can email me if you want details. littlebird465@yahoo.ca.

        1. Can add to faijay's list in the 5th: Chez Rene and Moissonnier for classic bistro food; the 6th: L'Bastide D'Odeon and L'Epi Dupin for modern bistro; Le Repaire de Cartouche is in the 11th and not the 5th.

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          1. I'll add Le Petit Pontoise, Rue Pontoise, 5th (M°: Maubert-Mutualité). A small, wonderful bistrot.