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Jun 28, 2006 02:57 PM

What happened to the searchable archive?

Your search function only seems to call up recent (since redesign) posts - what about the older postings? I find posts from even 2-3 years ago still very helpful, especially for international boards, and have used them lots when planning trips. Is there any way to access the old archive, or has it disappeared?

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  1. Maybe you're searching one of the new boards?

    On the SF board, search finds posts back to 1997.

    1. The arechives are all there. How are you searching?

      If you do advanced search, there is a drop down list allowing a search of a specific forum or all forums.

      If you are not doing an advanced search, the search at the top of the page searches only responses for the current board. So a search here would only return results for the Site Talk board.

      Also, it is my understanding that the chowhound team is, as time permits, moving posts from the international board to their new boards. For example, posts for Moscow are being moved to the Russia board.

      However, this might take a while so you may want to search both the country specific board and the International board for the info you are seeking.

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      1. re: rworange

        I think it's the new board problem after all. Will search all boards for now. Thanks!!!

      2. It seems to depend on the board where the info resides. Try searching this SiteTalk board for a common word like "thread" or "post" or "posting". I do not see anything turning up for SiteTalk other than the posts from the past few weeks. It doesn't seem to matter whether you use the advanced search or not, or whether you specify all forums or specifically ask for SiteTalk, the old stuff just doesn't show up.

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        1. re: gnocchi

          The old "Site Talk" board was not imported. New software, new problems, new issues to discuss. We figured it was best to start with a clean slate because so many of the previous Site Talk posts were software specific.

          In addition, as others have pointed out, if you are searching on a board that didn't exist in the old software, you won't find much, since those boards didn't exist before. However... the moderators are slowly moving posts from old board to the new boards as time allows, so you will want to search both the new board and the old board for a thorough search (or you can search "all forums" if you're not sure.)

          If, for example, you are searching for a thread you remember seeing on a restaurant in Japan, you should search BOTH the new Japan forum and the old International forum, or you can just choose to search "All Forums".