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Jun 28, 2006 02:57 PM

Anything Chowish in Sturbridge, MA?

I don't get to this part of the state very often, and am wondering what's worth checking out for dinner. Any cuisine, any price level.

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  1. About 18 months ago I had a wonderful meal at a place called Perennials, in an inn if I recall? I just tried looking for the website and couldn't find it, so that may mean they've closed?

    1. There is always The Ugly Duckling. (upstairs from the Whistling Swan.) More laid-back, nice bar, great desserts.

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        I used to go to Ugly Duckling occasionally, and really liked it, but last time I went it was affirmatively bad. Others I have spoken with have had similar experiences.

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          Thanks for the update, it's been a while.

      2. Thanks for the tips, 'hounds!

        We ended up a Perennials, as it was quite near our destination. I thought it was quite pleasant: a pretty room, attentive service, a decent Eclectic menu (though the chef has a penchant for putting scallops in about 70% of his dishes).

        We did overorder, however: the Caeser was big enough for three people, each entree (a sirloin pizzaiola and a chicken tenders on pasta dish) easily big enough for two. A lemon mousse with fresh berries needed less sweetness and more lemon, but was mercifully light.

        I hate wasting food, but doggie bags would have sat without refrigeration for hours. I'd forgotten than most places outside of the city have these portion sizes. Next time here, we'll share one app and one entree.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I know, I's nor Chowish, but, the best food I've had in Sturbridge is at the Piccadilli Pub. Much homemade food in a very unlikely place. French fries so good that ketchup is an insult to them. Turkey pot pie that would put grandma to shame. Best choices from the specials menu. It's not a place to propose to your sweetie (unless she's really special) but it is very reasonably priced and good!!

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              I worked there as a teenager. I assure you, virtually nothing is homemade.