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Jun 28, 2006 02:39 PM

Place for World Cup England watching on Saturday

Looking for a place that will be a good experience to watch England playing on Saturday. Match is at 11am so that would be lunchtime.

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  1. I went to Scallywags on St Clare and Younge to watch the last game .. it is a ZOO!!! The food is terrible, but I think it is the place to watch the game, if you like being sandwiched amongst tons of getting-drunk fans. It is fun.

    OR, I have also being going to Cafe Diplomatico in little Italy, less atmosphere but a good place too.

    1. Cafe Diplomatico is an okay place to watch the games, but English fans there will be sorely outnumbered by the Portuguese fans.

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      1. re: Juniper

        Thanks. Yes, I rather be someplace where the English fans aren't a minority!!

      2. If you are looking for an authentic pub atmosphere where every single person will be cheering for England (or else) your best bet is probably the Duke of Gloucester at Yonge and Charles, just south of Bloor. Be warned that where I say "authentic" some people might say "divey" and it's draught beer and traditional pub grub all the way -- including deep fried mars bars.

        But I'm pretty sure the place will be packed.

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        1. re: Gary

          I would expect the Bow and Arrow at Davisville to have a large gathering of English football fans. And the atmoshere is much less "divey" than the Duke of Gloucester.

          1. re: Gary

            Surprisingly the Club sandwich at the Duke of Gloucester is quite good. Real roast chicken. It goes quite well with the Arsenal matches I've seen there! Actually their english breakfast is yummy too, greasy but yummy...