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Jun 28, 2006 02:11 PM

Restaurant Rec. in S.F.

We have three nights in the city. What are the must go to restaurants? I have heard mentioned Aqua, and Slanted Door.

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  1. I would add Tadich Grill for perhaps lunch, great old SF place. Myth is hot and very good. Had a wonderful meal at Ame Friday night. Boulevard is lovely with great food and service plus a great view of the bay.

    Luella, Rue Saint Jacque are great little neighborhood places both with great food.

    Have fun, report back.

    1. to tadich i'd add aziza. one of the most interesting and delicious meals i've ever had. definetely a can't miss.

      1. You've got a ton of options, and it is hard to go wrong.

        If you want to check out some of the top places, here's an article from last fall on the top 7:

        Since then, Myth and Manresa have received a lot of good press on these boards, and Fifth Floor a bit of bad press.

        1. Myth was getting mixed reports for a while, but not in the past few months.

          1. Consider some of the places in North Beach. Osteria del Forno is a wonderful experience, if not haute cuisine. Arrive early and expect to wait outside on the sidewalk because no reservations are taken. Rose Pistola, also in North Beach, is seriously good and you definitely can make reservations there. Check the SF Chronicle at for current reviews and a list of the top 100 restaurants in the City and surround areas, in addition to another list of the 100 best budget restaurants. Both lists are in the food section of the paper, and Michael Bauer, the food critic, has a staff of writers bigger than the population of some countries--they take food very seriously.

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              Michael Bauer and his top 100 list catch a lot of flak here, but that's properly discussed on the Food Media and News board.

              Here's the thread on the 2006 top 100: