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Jun 28, 2006 02:06 PM

Casual, fun spot for a group of 10

I'll be in Chicago for a few days, and am looking for a place for a Sat. night dinner with 10 people (we'll be coming from Boston, San Fran, Denver). Looking for something fun and casual with great food and drinks. Would like to keep entrees to around $20. Somewhere that will take a reservation would be wonderful, but also open to spots where we would be likely to get a table without a crazy wait. No restrictions in type of cuisine... THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!

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  1. I would suggest any of the restaurants in Greektown. I personally like the Parthenon the best but there are several favorites of the board on that strip. The wait shouldn't be crazy and I think they all take reservations. You can order a bunch of appetizers to pass around (saganki and the Greek salad are my favorites) and the entrees are well under 20.

    1. Any preferences about cuisine? You said no restrictions, but does that mean you are equally open to everything? Neighborhood? There are a lot of options and you are more likely to get helpful advice if you can be a little more specific about what you are looking for.

      Also, have you looked at previous posts? This type of question is asked about once per week. It might be useful to look at past posts and let us know what you are leaning towards.

      The Greektown rec is excellent.

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        Thanks. Neighborhood isn't important. Some of us are staying in Evanston (with a car), others downtown. I was thinking Mexican or Tapas, but open to other ideas. The $20 price point can be very flexible (but since I'm going to Alinea the next night, thought it was worth keeping this dinner casual). I'll check out the Greektown options... thanks.

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          There are some excellent Mexican and tapas places. My favorites for Mexican are Dorado, Salpicon, and Frontera Grill, in increasing order of price. Topolobampo is extrordinary, but is well above $20 per person.

          For tapas, I like Cafe Iberico. But I think I'm in the minority on this one. They do not take reservations and the waits can be very long and unpredictable. However, you can order drinks and food at the bar while you wait. It's an excellent place for groups, but you have be prepared to wait.

          Another option is Avec, which is a small plate style, like tapas, but is more French and Spanish-inspired, than authentic. They have extrordinary food and an excellent wine list. However, they also do not take reservations and you may end up with a long wait on a weekend.

      2. Definitely Greektown...Santorini is the very best and Greek Islands comes in second place. Santorini is located at Adams and Halsted, has fabulous food and has a beautiful Grecian Islands Decor. The atmosphere is more intimate here when compared to Greek Islands. Santorini is known for thier seafood entree's but you can't go wrong with any of thier food. The entree prices are a couple of dollars more than Greek Islands but not terribly expensive. Greek Islands is very reasonably priced, has a vibrant atmosphere, and of course the food is excellent! This place is huge with 400-500 seats.