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Jun 28, 2006 01:57 PM

Deleting a post? (my own)

I just posted on the Outer Boroughs site and somehow my post appeared twice. No problem, I thought I'd delete it. But although there is an "edit post" function, it doesn't appear that there's a delete button. I even tried deleting the entire body of text and then saving it, but it wouldn't let me do that.

Did I miss something about how to delete the post, or is this impossible?

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  1. We've removed your duplicate post.

    The present software doesn't allow you to delete your own post, only edit it.

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    1. re: The Chowhound Team

      But that doesn't answer the question. I'd like to know, too, if this is possible.

      1. re: Akatonbo

        The present software doesn't allow you to delete your own post, only edit it.

        1. re: The Chowhound Team

          Hi, I just did a duplicate post on the home page for Russet Potato Roasted fries, can you please delete the duplicate for me... it would be helpful if we could delete our own posts and save you the time! Thanks.

          1. re: ideabaker

            There are reasons why we don't allow that -- but if you have a duplicate problem, please do bring it to our attention and we'll get it for you.

      2. re: The Chowhound Team

        Hi, somehow my post went through with an incomplete word on it, on the Tri State area boards... entitled Good ethnic foods in Nassau County (south hore)? Can you please delete this, I've replaced it with the correct title (south shore)... thanks!

        1. re: ideabaker

          We've removed your duplicate post, with the typo.

      3. Can you please delete a post that I have created? I created two falafel posts, one in the Manhatten board and one in the Cravings board, just to get the maximum amount of responses. I'm getting all of the responses under the Manhatten board, so could you please delete the falafel post in the Cravings board? I would appreciate it.

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        1. re: juliehf

          Your duplicate post has been deleted from the Craving board.

            1. re: juliehf

              hi, i have the same problem- for some reason my post showed up twice. thinking i could eventually delete it if i played with it, i 'edited' it to show no text, but it's still there. it's under the 'sf bay area' board. please delete the one that has no content. thank you!

              ps may be less work for you, less frustration for us, if you implement a 'delete this post' button :)

              1. re: xepht

                We've deleted your duplicate post. There is no mechanism for you to delete your own post, but if you run into problems, you can always use the "report" link--that'll bring it to the moderators' attention.

                  1. re: The Chowhound Team

                    Same problem Can you delete my duplicate post in the Pacific Northwest board entitled "SEA - Familiar Quandry?" Thanks!

                    1. re: Nikki

                      We deleted the duplicate as requested.

                      1. re: Mac4

                        Done. For anyone in the future, please just use the 'report' link on your extra post. Choose any of the three options and leave a note that says it's a duplicate. That's the fastest way for you to reach us and makes it the easiest for us to delete the post, as well.