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Lucky Devil

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A friend wrote to me yesterday, "Do something that makes you smile." Well, ordering the larger than life toasted pecan shake at Lucky Devil on Hollywood Blvd. certainly did just that. My friend compared it to eating a pint and a half of Hagan Daaz butter pecan ice cream, only better and, at $4.50, cheaper. Served in a large chilled metal malt shaker with a mound of fresh whipped cream and toasted pecans it instantly became one of my favorite desserts in the city. Served by our sweet and sassy server, she explained that they used a frozen custard with Madagascar vanilla bean as the base. The Kobe burger for $12.50 topped with caramelized onions and a garlic aioli and an optional Vermont white cheddar for $1.75 was delicious; and the accompanying fries had the right requisite saltiness and crunch. My friend had the same burger and enjoyed the Spreger's root beer on tap. We finished with one of the gigantic vanilla cupcakes in the display case which left us understandably full. We even saw the devil himself polishing glass and keeping a watchful eye on his lair.

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  1. We went there a few weeks ago. Good beer and wine selection. Didn't try the shakes. Our burgers were tasty but quite overcooked-- the richness of the beef saved them. Pleasant waitstaff. Was your burger cooked to temp?

    1. Mine was cooked medium as ordered as was my friend's although he ordered his medium rare and it came out about three minutes after mine. But he liked it nonetheless. We also noted the good wine and beer selection (many of which are available on tap). At 6pm the mostly young crowd were sipping on shakes and sodas and we assessed that perhaps they sell more beer and wine later. The shake is truly awesome but like Pie 'n Burger's phenomenal cocount pie with meringue and whipped cream, I'm not quite sure how to fit it into my day.

      1. The shake is amazing, though it isn't really a shake, more like a flurry.

        My Kobe burger was also served medium when I ordered medium rare, though it was still very good. Fries are also good, but I was unimpressed with the pulled pork sandwich.

        1. Wow! I am planning to go there tonight (been jonesing for that place ever since I saw the shakes review on LA Times 2-3 weeks back) -- now I can't wait (and plan on skipping lunch for the occasion---though my office IS throwing a birthday party which will inevitably involve cakes and other disgustingly unhealthy stuff :P)

          1. Are overcooked burgers becoming a problem at Lucky Devils? My gf and I loved our first visit. Took some friends there for visit #2 and all our burgers were overcooked -- big difference in taste, texture. My girlfriend hated hers. We'll give it one more try based on the first and the great beer (try the Riverporter).

            1. you know, it's one of the most secret spots for amazing desserts. There are some cakes there that are out of this freakin' world. The fries are good too. And the beer and wine selection very nice. I'm itching to go back... must go soon for that shake. I like my shakes thick like that; the way i used to make them in an ice cream shop on martha's vineyard. Out here, always watery.

                1. That's so funny. Three of us had lunch there today and all of our burgers were so rare as to be considered RAW. one of us took one bite and couldn't finish.

                  i still thought it was pretty good, though.

                  1. Could someone please give me the exact address. My mouth is watering.

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                      6613 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA

                    2. Ok I FINALLY went today --- and almost everything was heavenly. The frozen custard milkshake was indeed not to be missed (and perfect for sharing.... my companion and I felt like we just had enough after a "half-glass" which was a good 8-10 ounces). Similarly much praise to their Kobe burger (great texture, juicy with just the slightess touch of gamey-ness).

                      The service was great too; our waiter could've easily beaten the staff at restaurants that cost twice as much--refilling drinks automatically, knowing the menu and generally peppy all around.

                      The only 2 food items I was disappointed as was the chili cheese fries (I'll give them kudos for using real pepper jack cheese, but unfortunately that also means it doesn't melt into the expected gooey semi-liquid cheesy glob & also re-solidified pretty fast... before we were even halfway through.) The Kentucky Cream Cake is also just ok, nothing to write home about (but for $4.00 for such a huge slice, you're getting your money's worth.)

                      But yea, overall a pretty good experience. And now that I found out they close at 3am on weekends that's definitely a spot for my clubbing friends and I to hit after last call ;).