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Jun 28, 2006 01:29 PM

Got the Blues at Courthouse Seafood, Cambridge

I popped into this small storefront on the way home from work last night. I didn't know what I wanted so I asked the man behind the counter for a suggestion. When he asked if I liked bluefish I said yes and he held up a lovely whole fish for my inspection. About 8 inches long and the perfect serving for one I asked how I should prepare it. Throw it on the grill. 8 minutes. That's it.

So I took two fish home (he scaled and gutted them in front of my eyes) and lit up the grill. That lump charcoal from Trader Joe's does burn HOT but that's another thread. I put one in my fish grill basket and the other right on the grill. Eight minutes later I scarfed them both down -- I had planned to eat one, keep one for something else later. Once I squeezed the lemon over the moist fish I just couldn't stop. There's something about fresh fresh fish on the grill that is addictive.

Really gorgeous stuff. Friendly people. They are now open until 7 at night which makes it even more convenient. If you are in the area, I highly recommend spending your fish money there.

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  1. I frequent courthouse and have since the days when they fried fish in the shop on Wednesday and Fridays (they now have a separate restaurant). I think they have better selection and prices, with similar quality to New Deal, but went to both (New Deal has longer hours and is open Mondays, plus it has sashimi). Its good to hear they are open until 7pm.

    If you want another thing to throw on the grill, get them to clean some sardines and put some coarse salt on them for you... you can pop them right on the grill. Also you can buy any fish at the market and have it cooked at the restaurant for an extra $1/lb. Its a great thing for apt dwellers on hot days!

    They also have an excellent selection of Portugese products, both locally made and imported. Look in the "trash" barrels for black olives or ask them for colorau (sweet paprika). They have a bunch of cheeses (New Deal carries less, but often has some excellent cheeses also) and locally made linguica which is not made by gaspers.

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      I have not gone to courthouse in a long time to much good stuff at New Deal. Last time I went they had some o-toro which was melt in your mouth good.

    2. Hey Yum Yum. They do burn hot. Put the coals on one side of the grill and the fish on the other.

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        Yep, I made a three-zone fire a la Reichlen -- I'm a real grilling novice but I have fun!

      2. Bluefish are wonderful - just don't do them more than about once a month. They're voracious carnivores that eat lots of smaller fish - so their pcp and mercury content tends to be concentrated and very high... definitely not good for pregnant women.

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          Ok, yikes. Thanks for the warning applehome.

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            FWIW, I find snappers (smaller bluefish) more tasty than adult bluefish and they are less likely to accumulate PCBs. I think they are less common here than on the south shore, but that might be a possibility to reduce the risk if you are concerned. I like the bluefish earlier in the season when they have been eating more squid (later on I think they eat more mackerel, herring, etc)

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              love snappers- never knew the name of them. Am off to the outer banks of nc soon, and no license is needed to fish! The guys go down early am or at dusk and catch lots of them. They clean them, and we add a bit of OO, some salt and pepper and throw them on the grill. Delicious- and oh so fresh! But they are nasty suckers! have to be carefule when taking them off the hook. Last time we were there, one of them latched on to my brothers finger and had to be literally pried off. he made sure he ate that one!!