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Jun 28, 2006 12:47 PM

deciphering new messages- help please!

I posted in user problems, but have not had luck. I have no way of knowing if a message is new on a thread- it is frustrating to have to reread the whole thing to see if anything is new. I do not have any yellow highlights (except at the top where it says "view by...") and it flashed yellow once when I responded to a message, but only a quick flash, and only for my own post. any idea what is going on? I would love to decipher new messages. thanks

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  1. The yellow (really, sort of beigish) background on the post is currently the main way to distinguish new posts from older ones. There's also a 'new' tag attached to them. Note, though, that if you're reading a thread where *every* response is new, there are neither new tags nor shading.

    Do you have custom background colours set in your browser or any other customization that might be interfering with our background colours? If not, can you let us know what browser and OS you're using so we can possibly looking into the problem.

    1. thank you- I figured out the problem- which other laptop users may have- it's posted under user problems. basically the contrast is so similar that unless the screen was all the way back (almost flat) the yellow can't be seen. I changed the display, but isn't quite right due to that particular yellow color. Perhaps a brighter different shade should be used.