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Chicken Fried Steak on Long Island

Other than RS Jones (did not like their version, breading falling off and tough, basically a mess) does anyone know where I can find Chicken Fried Steak on Long Island (Nassau/Western Suffolk)

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  1. Go to next posting, thanks!

    1. Hey Phil,
      Since you did your request back in June 2006, have you had an responses anywhere since? I'm curious because I too have been searching Long Island for Chicken Fried Steak for Breakfast! I have seen it offered in a few restaurants, but only offered for Lunch or Dinner, not for Breakfast...
      I'm looking for a restaurant that has Chicken Fried Steak, w/ Biscuits and sausage gravy. Seems you have to go to Upstate New York, or New Jersey to find it for Breakfast... Does anyone know of a place on Long Island??

      Oh, my mistake...I wanted to add Grits to my request also...lol
      I'm looking for Chicken Fried Steak, Biscuits w/sausage gravy, and Grits; anywhere on Long Island...

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        Or Westchester!

        I've heard truck stops make chicken fried steak. I'd love to know of a place to go for grits, chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy, and even turnip greens.

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          The only other place, I"ve ever seen it was Chili's and since it's a once a year thing I want to have a decent one, it was totally disgusting. Far worse than RSJ.

          I know I can get it in Manhattan (I think cowgirl hall of fame has it) just looking for something on LI I have to honest I think it's going to be tough to find for breakfast on LI I have seen it on breakfast menu's in texas and down south though.

          1. re: MrPhil

            Yes I've seen it in a couple of rest stops; one in NJ, and one in PA...thanks.
            Do you know of any others in NY, besides Cowgirl? And I agree RSJ & Chili's was horrible & greasy...My husband is from the mid-west, and he is the one searching...as for me, I am a Long Islander all my life...He's originally from Visalia, CA...but he's lived in the mid-west for most of his adult life...about 20yrs.
            He says the best Chicken Fried Steak he's ever had was from Gallagher's in Fallon, NV...he's had it in Texas too...but he swears by Gallagher Auction Yard is the best...Gallagher's is in the auction yard. The 2nd best he says was Tiffany's in Federal Heights, CO...but he said that was 20yrs ago. He doesn't know if that one is still around. And both those places had sausage gravy, grits, and collard greens too...lol
            Oh, and I saw the Cowgirl's website and yes they have it for Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner; But not for Breakfast. And that one says its just cream gravy.
            I think there's one in Westchester Cty...we went to one a couple of years ago, but sorry...don't remember where it was. We kinda fell upon it. So we're still looking for another one in NYC, and also on Long Island.

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              If I recall correctly, the only place I've actually seen chicken fried steak for breakfast on LI is at IHOP. But its nowhere near as good as the places I had it last summer when I was down in Tennessee!

        2. Grand Lux Cafe next to the Roosevelt Field Mall...I haven't personally had it, but there is always someone around me who is eating it when I'm there and they seem happy...

          1. Chicken Fried Steak with sausage gravy found for breakfast @
            Apollo Diner. Must ask in person not on menu.
            630 Merrick Avenue, East Meadow, Nassau County, Long Island NY.

              1. re: Gastronomos

                Thank you for the reply, however Its not chicken fried steak, What IHOP provides is a preprocessed meat patty with a add water to bag mixture for Gravy. I am still looking for a place here on Long Island that will provide me with an 8 oz chiken fried Steak with Biscuits and Sausage gravy... Like you can get nearly everywhere in the continental USA....except here on Long Island NY and Maine.

                1. re: cttwizard

                  Mr.Phil, thanks for your reply as well, and as you can see here:

                  I've been in search of the same.

                  I see here that you recommend the Apollo Diner ...

                  "Must ask in person not on menu." I dunno, but I'll take your word for it until I get the chance to order it myself...

                  FWIW, Morning Rose Café has biscuits and sausage gravy with a good and tasty sausage patty with eggs to your liking.
                  It's in Bellmore:
                  Morning Rose Café
                  317 Bedford Ave
                  Bellmore, NY 11710

                  CFS is all over Manhattan and Brooklyn and Queens nowadays:


                  1. re: Gastronomos

                    That was not me that mentioned the Apollo, but cttwizard.

                    As for CFS, still searching... Over the last couple of years I've tried 3 times. Hope I can remember the names -

                    Mara's in Sysosset - As bad as I remember at RS Jones, Tough meat, greasy, falling off breading.

                    That diner in Mineola "Cornbread &?)- better than Mara's but not by much. Other items we had were great, but not the CFS.

                    lastly- Texas Roadhouse- A surprise, much better than the other two (and a chain no less!)

                    I doubt I'll get anything as good as I had in Dallas.

                    1. re: MrPhil

                      reasonable facsimiles will do, and even chains will have to do around these parts these days...

                      as for RS Jones, it's been years since I tried the chicken fried steak as my more recent trips I enjoyed other things... and from what I remember it was a flavorful boneless ribeye and very good, but, again, that was years ago...

                      Mara's doesn't seem to do well on Chowhound.com save for Motosports raves of the place.

                      I won't say whether Apollo Diner makes it or not until I ask, which may take a long time for me to find out...

                      If anyone recomends it at 'Biscuits and BBQ', you heard it from me, avoid it.

                      I was gonna try out the chain Texas Roadhouse yesterday, but it will have to be another time...

                      and if you may not be able to find sausage gravy (sawmill gravy) AND chicken fried steak on the same plate, at least some places have either one available it seems, like Morning Rose Cafe in Bellmore with the Biscuits and Sausage gravy and a nice pork sausage patty and eggs etc... VERY DELICIOUS!

                  2. re: cttwizard

                    I will check out IHOP again, its been 2 years since my last visit. I will see if they have improved their product. Thank you for your response :),

                2. One place that probably wasn't around when this thread started was Texas Longhorn in East Meadow. That's what my husband ordered when we stopped there last summer, and I was stealing it off his plate.

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                  1. re: coll

                    Texas Roadhouse
                    2571 Hempstead Turnpike #100
                    East Meadow, NY 11554
                    (516) 520-7427

                    1. re: Gastronomos

                      Thanks G, I had a feeling I got the name wrong. We had a gift certificate, that's my excuse.

                      1. re: coll

                        I want to try this place out. It's been on my list since you first mentioned it to me last year. It's solely for the Chicken Fried Steak. 'Bisquits and BBQ' was such a disappointment on the CFS front.

                        Back when LI diners had country style steak on the menu, and I was a wee little lad, I would sit at the counter and eat till I was full. Country style steak is like chicken fried that is placed in the oven with some stock and baked covered to make its own gravy and is meltingly tender. Now I'll actually settle for just the chicken fried steak with white gravy, sawmill gravy, or anything at all really.

                        1. re: Gastronomos

                          I was surprised what a great meal we had there, and the waitstaff was just great too. Check their online menu to make sure they make the version you seek, and let me know what you think! There's one closer to us now in Deer Park, I wouldn't be adverse to another visit.

                          1. re: coll

                            it says, "Country Fried Sirloin • Hand-battered, fresh-cut sirloin served crispy and golden, topped with made-from-scratch cream gravy ...............................................10.99"
                            for the East Meadow location...
                            and for the Deer Park location...

                            1. re: Gastronomos

                              So that's good, right? All I can tell you is it melted in my mouth. And their biscuits are not only good, but they give you a special honey/cinnamon butter on the side that is dangerously flavorful.

                              OMG I just remembered something! So I see this bowl of white stuff on my husbands plate along with everything else, following that Southern tradition of three sides each. Don't remember asking for it and figure it's a mistake, but what the heck, I was in a good mood. I taste it. It was so delicious, I could tell it was heavy on the calories but it was sooo good I couldn't stop. The waitress comes back and I say, this is the best chowder I ever had, and she laughs and says, that's the cream gravy! Can you tell I haven't spent enough time down south?

                      2. re: Gastronomos

                        Great CFS no B&G and not open for Breakfast. I have eaten there several times.

                    2. Thank you each and everyone of you for your responses :).
                      Texas Roadhouse,
                      (2571 Hempstead Turnpike #100, East Meadow, NY 11554, (516) 520-7427)
                      has Chicken Fried Steak...No Buscuits and Sausage Gravy. I does not open for breakfast so its useless unless to me unless I eat way to late.

                      Biscuits and Barbeque,
                      (106 E 2nd St, Mineola, NY 11501 (516) 493-9797):
                      has CFS and B&G (not sausage gravy) but again does not open for breakfast.

                      I will try IHOP again and see if they have indeed improved their product, but they did not have B&G.