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Jun 28, 2006 11:02 AM

Lunch around the Eaton Centre?


I work around the Eaton Centre (Queen and Victoria), and my work colleagues and I go out for lunch every week. We're starting to run out of ideas of where to eat... we've been to Terroni, Salad King, Eggspectations, Pickle Barrel, and Spring Rolls.

Does anyone have any ideas for a quick lunch that doesn't include fast food?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. It may be a bit more than you'd like to pay but the Superior directly across the street on Yonge is great.


    1. What about le Petit Dejeuner?... it's on King, a little past Jarvis so a bit of a walk, but it's worth it.
      Spices - the Indian place on Temperance.
      Irish Embassy? Not cheap but pretty good.
      Fran's for a diner fix?
      Mercatto on Bay - again not too cheap, but good, with selection.
      Mutual St. Deli at Dundas/Mutual.

      1. Yueh Tung (Dundas & Elizabeth, 2nd floor)
        Adega (Elm & Yonge)
        Matagali (Elm & Bay)
        The One Thai (Yonge & Gerrard)
        Ginger 2 (Yonge & Gerrard)

        Google should net you addresses for the above.

        1. There are tons of places in and around that area for lunch.

          On Dundas between Bay and University:
          - Coconut Grove for Jamaican/West Indies
          - Indochine for PanAsian
          - Runyx for paninis
          - JapanGo (on Elizabeth) for excellent sushi
          - Yueh Tung (on Elizabeth) for Chinese
          - Spadina Garden for Szechuan

          On Yonge between Dundas and Gerrard:
          - Doner King (with the yellow sign) for Turkish kebab sandwiches
          - One Thai for Thai (obviously)

          Queen between Yonge and University:
          - HBC has an area where they have cooking demonstrations and subsequently serve some very good lunches for reasonable prices. I don't recall on which floor this is on or what it is called, but I'm sure another hound can help jog my memory.
          - Osgoode Hall's cafeteria is open to the public at lunch that is a great value.

          On Bay between Gerrard and Dundas:
          - Le Commensal, for buffet-style vegetarian food
          - there's a pub on Bay near Gerrard, that I can't remember the name of, but it works if you are craving pub food
          - Mochizuki for sushi

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            The pub mentioned above (Bay & Gerrard) is called the Devil's Advocate. The food isn't particularly great. If so inclined, visit the Wolf & Firkin on Elm instead for good pub food.

            I realize that it is a chain, but the food at this location is quite good, and miles ahead of the Devil's Advocate.

          2. highly recommend The One Thai for their lunch special starting at 5.95 (just found out today) and also for their lunch buffet $9.95

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            1. re: littlestone

              Thanks for the tip. I've never tried their lunch buffet, but will give it a shot soon.