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Jun 28, 2006 07:17 AM

Great butcher in Hollywood/LA area

I'm not too happy with Marcondas and am looking for someone who sells the good stuff like sweatbreads, back fat, great italian sausages etc.. Any sound advice?

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  1. may I ask, what has lead to your displeasure with Marcondas?

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    1. re: kiwi

      love their cuts, but i often go there looking for something...short ribs, veal liver, caul fat etc. and they don't have it. or it's too expensive for what should be a cheap cut because of supply and demand. i'm really looking for a great ethnic butcher, Italian, Spanish, French who has a lot of selection.

      1. re: dlcohen

        thanks fo sharing. I was worried that their quality may have lessened.

    2. For cuts you don't find in too many places, try the Jons Market chains. There's one in Los Feliz and one on Fountain at La Brea. They will have the sweatbreads...and a lot of other things you may or may not want to eat.

      1. Catalina's on Western [near Melrose i think].

        1. Perhaps the single greatest butcher operation I've ever known is at the Beachwood Market up in Hollywoodland. Everything is dry aged and high end, yet cheap as hell. The market and deli itself, really not so good. But the butchers, they're amazing. And I have yet to ask for anything, including sweetbreads, that they weren't happy to get for me. A true gem that the locals treasure.