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Jun 28, 2006 06:42 AM

Yamamori: decent to good sushi in Scotts Valley

We tried out this place with my MIL last weekend. I think it's Korean owned, and our server was Korean. I had the seaweed salad ($4) and tasted the veg tempura ($5), and we 3 split the sashimi boat ($45). Seaweed salad was good, not too salty, not too sweet. Portion isn't huge, but not skimpy. The veg tempura might be korean style; there was no panko on the batter. Also it was on the soft side of crispy. Hubby liked it (but he has lower tempura standards than I).

Sashimi fish tasted very fresh. Slices were not huge. I liked the yellowtail, the white fish that might be halibut (in my photo under the swab of mayo and bright red tobiko), and another white fish that was wrapped in seaweed (not visible in the photo; under the lemon slices). The tamago was on the sweet side, the salmon and tuna were good but not great. Clam and octopus were just ok (slightly rubbery). I'm not a unagi fan and still wasn't after trying this one.

Service was very nice. She even gave us free ice cream, and not a small portion. Green tea flavor was better than the strawberry. Overall a good place to go in a town that doesn't have much, so if you have to eat in Scotts Valley, this might be a good bet. I think they have boats if you like that kind of thing (I didn't notice whether turnover rate was high at the boats).

Seaweed salad:

Sashimi boat:

Ice cream:

Yamamori website:

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  1. I would second this place. Been there a few times when Sushi on the Run or Miyuki were not options. Better than most places in SC. Good sake offerings. Thanks for the pics!

    1. Thanks for the report and photos, Alice! I've been wondering about this place FOREVER, but never ventured out that way. They do heavy advertising around here, and I kind of wrote them off due to the sushi boat concept. I will keep them in mind if we want a change from our sushi standbys (like Pablo, Sushi on the Run and Miyuki).

      Did you get to choose what was in your sashimi platter, or was it pre-selected?

      Speaking of Sushi on the Run, below are a few pics of our recent takeout. The rice is the best around, and the fish is very fresh and sliced for ultimate mouthfeel. I know you're not a unagi fan, but it's the least sticky sweet I've had anywhere. The salmon is also lightly smoked.

      Can I suggest other places for you to try in Scotts Valley that I've been too lazy to seek out? Heavenly Cafe, Auntie Mame's, Bruno's BBQ, to name a few. I read an old review on a Viet restaurant, but I think it went out of business. Keep us posted!

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      1. re: Carb Lover

        Those Sushi on the Run pieces look so nice! And what fresh plump uni!

        The Sashimi Boat at Yamamori is pre-selected, and when we were considering it our server couldn't tell us what fish it had, other than tuna and salmon (I even asked her to ask the sushi chef). And Pablo's right, it seems sake is a big deal there, and you get to sign your sake tray after you partake.

        We'll try to check out the places on your request list. But we didn't feel urged by the menu & overall feel of Bruno's BBQ. Heavenly Cafe seems nice for a leisurely breakfast (problem is we never had time for that!).

        1. re: Alice Patis

          Did you actually scope out Bruno's? Can you say more about the menu and vibe?

        2. re: Carb Lover

          Thank you Carb Lover, I miss Sushi on the Run, I'm down in SD now.... I was hoping you would have pics of the Albacore tataki and the spicy tuna in creamy wasabi sauce! Next time ok?

        3. Yamamori has some decent sushi. the dyed tobiko (fish roe toppings) are a turn off for me though, perhaps because I'm old fashioned. and yes, I believe its korean owned.

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